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Farewell party for the current location of the American Center. Yangon Downtown Hotels: Yangon bus stations usually happen to be on the first lane. I' d hoped to find the new location here at Trip Advisor. There are no jobs found for this location.

Bollywood film Rangoon in Arunachal Pradesh find

During the filming it often depends on your creativeness. Sometimes you have to look beyond the apparent, says Pankaj Kumar, cameraman of the Bollywood movie Rangoon. Together with a 400-person team, Kumar and stage manager Vishal Bhardwaj headed to Arunachal Pradesh to face a one-of-a-kind challange. In order to build a land outside the real site.

The movie plays in the time before India's independence, Rangoon, "not in Rangoon", but somewhere on the boundary between India and Burma. Northeastern India was reset to zero due to its closeness to Myanmar and its similarity to the Myanmar/Boorder. "It is a location-based movie; much of the narrative plays in the jungle, near streams and wide[open] areas.

Kumar says about Rangoon selecting a location: "We wanted a cool, oppressive neighborhood because something terrible is going on - it's wartime. But in Arunachal Pradesh they found what they wanted. "Most of the shootings in the state took place in towns around the Siang River, such as Pasighat and Pangin.

When they were filming in February, the day was brief and overcast ( "so that they got mellow, diffuse light), without fumes and bad air, "so beautiful that you could go on and on". At the beginning of the movie there is an activity which should be filmed on an isle in the centre of a water.

Every day one reached places that had to fight with landslips and duststreets. Throughout the one months of shooting (about 50% of the film will be filmed there) a team of nearly 400 people remained in Arunachal Pradesh. Several old UK buildings near Pangin - about two hrs from the set - were refurbished to accommodate the occupation and team.

When they crossed the Brahmaputra one night, their boat got bogged down because of a low water. "There was Vishal [Bhardvaj], me and six members of the crew ran aground in the centre of the river," with little sight and no telephone beeps. "Alvida, the tune, was used in the movie, and the event is one of her most notable.

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