Where is Rangoon

Mm-hmm. Where's Rangoon?

Welcome to Rangoon's Google satellite map! It's exactly the same thing. Throughout the Second World War, Miss Julia entertains soldiers on the Indian-Burmese border, where she is involved in a web of love and deceit. Find the location of Rangoon on a map. Where is INZALI indian European: Where is the new location?

Rangoon, India, and a good while in Burma.....

First, my feeling about Rangoon is that it might be reminiscent of a big town in India: full of action and interesting architectural styles, with lively fairs and dilapidated old neighbourhoods and generally a fascinating place to walk around for a few outings. Sounds right, or am I thinking of the town too much?

Do you have any suggestions for interesting historic sites, monuments and neighbourhoods to see in the town, especially those that do not have a tendency to be treated in travel guides? Even better, or are there sites with in-depth information about places of interest in Rangoon? For those of you who are acquainted with India.... is Rangoon a Kolkata?

Secondly, my first interpellation might have given you the impression that I am interested in India. Although I am on my way to Burma, I would like to know what kind of clues there are about India in Burma? All I know is the tomb of the Mogul emperor Bahadur Shah II in Rangoon, which I will certainly be visiting.

Any other memorials or places in Burma that are important for India's past? What about India's architectural work? Some remarkable Burmese building in the apparent Hindi way? What, in a nutshell, is there to see in Burma that is of interest to an India lover?

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Translated from Rakhine Rahine Rakhine diction. Yangon, the capitol of Burma or Myanmar, before Naypyidaw or Nay Pyi Taw became the overtown. Yangon was the historic notation, written on the basis of the pronounciation of the city's autonomous name in the Rakhine rhymester.

The Burmese prefer the Yangon notation.

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