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What is the beach at Ngapali?

When you are a little away from the beach, the town of Thandwe (called Sandoway in colonial times) offers a series of pagodas and a bustling market worth a visit. It' located seven kilometres inland from Ngapali. One of the most beautiful places in Myanmar, Ngapali Beach is also one of the most pristine beaches in the world, with miles of pure white sand surrounding the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Ngapali isn't really a beach. The Ngapali Beach used to be one of the three best beaches in the world with its silvery white sand and warm water.

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Ngapali, one of the largely unexplored seaside resort of Southeast Asia, is an quaint, enchanting place near the city of Thandwe in the state of Rakhine in western Burma. At the Gulf of Bengal there is a several kilometre long beach of sand surrounded by palms and the small fishing vessels of the area. Perhaps the best beach in Burma, Ngapali is a great place to swim in the hot and clear water or sunbathe while the indigenous fisherman dock onshore.

Recreational guests rest on beach umbrellas, shady reeds and palms. Myanmar women strolling on the beach offers a wide range of indigenous fruit. A number of small beachfront, family-run diners are serving the freshest sea food. Lunch on the beach while you watch the wonderful sun set over the Bay of Bengal.

There are several fishing communities in the vicinity, where living has been largely the same for generation. Ngapali beach is best visited during the drought period from November to April. Ngapali is a very rustic and tradition. The exploration of the fishing communities seems to be a leap into the past for the Westerners.

The public transport mainly comprises bikes and oxcarts. Close by is the city of Thandwe with its marina and community markets where people can go shopping and taste some of Burma's cuisine. The beach of Ngapali is a few kilometres from the city of Thandwe in the state of Rakhine in western Burma.

is to Thandwe International Airports, a few kilometres north of Ngapali Beach. There are several local carriers offering non-stop services from Yangon. There are many different types of flight depending on the seasons. The carriers flying to Thandwe include the following airports: Hawaiian Bagan, Mann Yadanarpon Airlines, KBZ and Mandalay.

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It is lined with smooth sandy beaches of palms and leads down into the clear water where you can find some of the most beautiful fishermen' s vessels off the coast. The beach resort and hotel establishments offer a wide range of oriental and oriental cuisine, while the beach restaurant serves delicious lychee, which allows you to eat sandy between your feet as the Bengal Gulf sundown.

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