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Which is Myanmar?

In Southeast Asia, Myanmar borders China to the north and northeast, Laos and Thailand to the east and southeast, the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal to the south and Bangladesh and India to the west. In Southeast Asia, Thailand is a country between Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. Bangkok is its largest city and capital. Concerns about the malaria situation in Myanmar's border areas are growing. It is located in Jalan Ampang Hilir.

Thailand/Thai (Location)

In Southeast Asia, Thailand is a land between Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. It is a democratic parliament and a constituent state. Bhumibol Adulyadej, who has ruled since 1946, is their present kings. He' the longest acting president in the whole wide globe. Thailand's premier is Abhisit Vejjajiva, who took up his post in December 2008.

Things to do and see in northern Myanmar

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Burma - Tours & Excursions

Myanmar, still known to many as Burma, is affectionately called "the Golden Land" because of the frequent use of golden leaves in churches and chests. Burma has only recently entered the global tourist landscape, but its beautiful sandy shores, unbelievable historic sites, snow-capped hills and jungles have already caught on.

Best part of Myanmar is between November and February, which allows you to miss the wet and wet months of the monsoons and the coldest temperatures, which can be very depressing.

South Asia: Alongside the Indian/Myanmar frontier | Eco-regions

Northeast India-Myanmar Pine Forests[IM0303] is one of only four coniferous rainforest eco-regions in the Indo-Pacific. These eco-regions all contain less diversity of life than the surrounding woods. But they contain ecosystem uniquely diverse ecosystem features and types. Situation and general descriptionThese woods are located in the North-South-Burmese-Java-Bogen.

Situated between 1,500 and 2,500 m. Several types of pines can be found. On the lower layers P. mercusii is the dominating variety sometimes associated with diptero carp. They are often associated with many deciduous tree varieties such as Tsuga, Picea, Acer and Quercus. The Burma Wildlife Survey found few wildlife survey teams in the area in the 1950' except Zambar (Cervus unicolor), Muntiacus muntjac, Sus crofa ( "wild boar") and Selenarctos thibetanus ("Asian blacks").

Big squirrels (Rafuta species), little squirrels, small squirrels and civets are also found there. The Burma Wildlife Survey, carried out in the 1950' s, found several striking birdlife. There are two other types of laughing thrushes that are endemic (Table 1). There are endemic and almost endemic bird types. A star means that the distribution area of the specie is restricted to this ecological area.

The locals use the woods for cookery and construction material and for hunting wild animals. To the west (09c) is a transitional area between the Indian subcontinent and Indochina bio-regions and consists of woodland formation of the wetlands. The mountain woods of the jagged and strongly jagged Chin Hills and Arakan Yomas have been integrated into our own ecoregion:

Yoma Montane Chin Hills-Arakan rainforests[IM0109]. Lower-height subtropical wetlands were incorporated into the Mizoram-Manipur-Kachin rainforests[IM0131]. Pinewoods were established in northeastern India - Myanmar Pinewoods[IM0303]. Myanmar Coastal RAIN FORESTS[IM0132] covers Udvardy's Burmese rainforest, the southwest part of the Thai monsoonest, and the west part of the Indo-Chinese rainforest.

Irrawaddy Moist deciduous forests[IM0117], Irrawaddy dry forests[IM0205], Chin Hills-Arakan Yoma Montane Rain Forests[IM0109], Northeast India-Myanmar Pine Forests[IM0303] and Mizoram-Manipur-Kachin Rain Forests[IM0131] are similar to approximately Udvardy's Burma rainforest and Burma monsunwald.

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