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LOCEMAP OF MYANMAR IN THE WORLD With Myanmar world map and interior view

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We use the latest GPS-compatible mapping (including hypsometrical tinting and contours ) with a highly accurate representation of roads and tourist information. Cards have a removable pouch so that they can simply be unfolded and put in any bag. Even though the cards are imprinted on synthetic material, a specific layer makes them look like papers and can even be marked with a finger.

Myanmar: Satelite images confirm Rohingya town Tula Toli destroyed | World Newspaper

Recent sat photos taken over the Myanmar town of Tula Toli have unveiled the burnt settlements and confirm a Guardian account from the beginning of this months, which describes the pulldown in detail using eye-witness reports. On August 30, more than a decade of Rohingya from Tula Toli described a blood-soaked operation by Burma's military force that murdered numerous civilians, drained the town and burned down their wooden houses.

Amnesty International's Amnesty International study, which followed the war from outer space, found that high-resolution photographs taken on Saturday, when the rainy monsoons briefly dissipated for the first case in a few months, show a considerable devastation of the town. "Amnesty said about Tula Toli, known in Myanmar as Min Gyi, Burma, "The devastation shown in the pictures is in line with the recent incineration, most clearly marked by damages to the nearby bush.

Rohingya, the United Nations' chief representative for the protection of fundamental freedoms, has described force against the Muslim Rohingya group as a "model example of ethical cleansing". There is Islam-hostile hate in the country, which is rife in Myanmar. Sat pictures show that only the southwestern edge of Tula Toli seems untouched.

Some said troops were drowning infants and small children in the water that surrounded the town. "These images are further devastating proof of the Rohingya's terror from the Myanmar military," said Kate Allen, Director of Amnesty International UK. Rohingya have been pursued in a systematic manner for many years by the Bangladeshi authorities, which, despite historic proof, regard them as illicit "Bengali" immigrants from Bangladesh.

This is the most deadly recent surge of violence to date, after the military started a massive counter-offensive on 25 August to retaliate against guerrilla-style ambush by an up-and-coming Rohingya group. Almost 400,000 refugees - almost half of the Rohingya in Rakhine - have fled to Bangladesh because Amnesty calls them a massive Northern Government initiative.

Most Rohingya had already fled. Municipal confrontations with Buddhists in Rakhine caused 140,000 to abandon their houses in 2012. Nationalist Buddhists, headed by fireblight friars, have run a long pledge to drive Rohingya out of the area. Fights have ousted another 30,000 Rakhine Buddhists and Hindus, while Rohingya Army, known as the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), have been charged with just as horrific atrocities.

Human Rights Watch, a New York-based lobby group, said on Tuesday that satelite images showed the almost complete demolition of 214 communities in the state of Rakhine since its inception. At least 80 major blazes have been identified by Amnesty in populated areas to the north of Rakhine.

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