Where is Myanmar in Asia

What is Myanmar in Asia?

Burma is a Southeast Asian country. South Asia is the region in which the Indian subcontinent is located. Is a suspected war criminal becoming president of Myanmar? From Bertil Lintner - Alexander Casella. Burma was unlike any other place in Asia I've been.

About Myanmar | General Information

Burma is a truly luxuriant tourist resort, relatively unspoilt by tourist activity, providing a scarce gateway to a less urbanised, bio-diverse region of Southeast Asia. Myanmar is a vast land that stretches from the glittering Andaman Sea islets in the southern Andaman Sea to the Himalayas' east peak. Myanmar has over two thousand years of history and is home to over 135 different ethnical groups, a variety that sometimes leads to conflict.

Following the First Burmese War, the Ava Empire handed over the kingdoms of Manipur, Tenassarim and Arakan to the British. Yangon and South Burma were annexed to British India in 1853. The whole of Burma came directly or indirect under British India in 1886 after the Third Burmese War and the Mandalay case.

Myanmar was run as a British Indian provincial government until it became its own self-governing settlement in 1937. On January 4, 1948, the United Kingdom became the Union of Burma. She became the "Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma" on January 4, 1974, before returning to the "Union of Burma" on September 23, 1988.

The State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC) adopted the name "Union of Myanmar" for British translation on 18 June 1989. Although this disputed renaming in Anglo-Saxon is acceptable in the UN and in many different states, it is not recognised by opposing groups and nationalities such as the United Kingdom and the United States.

Burma has not been under army domination since this year, which has in some ways resulted in a more solid state. Burma's leaders are working to create a sense of security to encourage more visitors to the area. Part of this endeavour has expanded the country's tourist facilities with many five-star real estate, private shop chains and guesthouses in all the main centres and breathtaking resort townhouses.

As well as top class amenities, Burma has one of the low levels of tourism criminality in the whole country, so people can be sure that their holidays will be worry-free from beginning to end. Among the best places to visit are Alaungdaw Kathapa National Park (northwest of Monywa), Hlawga National Park (near Yangon), Popa Mountain Park (Central Myanmar), Lampi Island (Myeik Archipelago) and Shwesettaw Wildlife Sanctuary (in Minbu).

Canthaya Beach (Rakhine Coast); Maung- ma- gan Beach (Taninthayi Coastline in the south); Ngapali Beach (Rakhine Coast); and Chaung- Tha Beach (west of Pathein).

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