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This is Burma," wrote Rudyard Kipling. While I was teaching my first language in Yangon with my teacher Tsar Chi and a fellow student from the United States, the question "Burma" against "Myanmar" arose. Buranmar (Burma) synonyms, Myanmar (Burma) pronunciation, Myanmar (Burma) translation, English dictionary definition of Myanmar (Burma). This is one of the most mysterious and undiscovered destinations in the world.

Focussing on Myanmar (Burma) - International Education

That made me appreciate the door that can be opened through education and I began to study pedagogy because I wanted to build on the foundation my mom lay.

Burma/Myanmar - Agreement on the repatriation of Rohingya migrants - Remembrance of the spokesman's declaration (25.11.17) - French diplomacy

The French side welcomed the Memorandum of Understanding between Burma and Bangladesh on 23 November. It is a first stage in the process of enabling the Rohingya people to voluntarily go back to Burma if the right circumstances are met. Faced with this great humanitary and people' s right drama, Jean-Yves Le Drian told his colleagues in Burma and Bangladesh in the margins of the ASEM Foreign Ministers' meeting the pressing need to put an end to violent and discriminatory situations in Rakhine State, to allow full, secure and unhindered humanitary contact with the people in need and to make it easier for returnees to voluntarily and safely returne in accordance with internationally accepted norms.

To create favourable circumstances for the repatriation of displaced persons, it is necessary to take steps to encourage rehabilitation, conciliation and humanitarian freedoms in the State of Rakhine.

The Council also welcomed the Bangladesh authorities' attempts to receive them on its soil.

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