Where is Mae Sot

Mae Sot? Where's Mae Sot?

Moei River serves as a natural border between Mae Sot and the Burmese city of Myawaddy. Opposite Myanmar on the opposite shore Mae Sot has so much to offer. Fortune D Mae Sot offers free WiFi and is located in Mae Sot.

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The most westerly part of the country lies along Maenam Moei on the Thai frontier, about 86 kilometres from the town of Tak. Opposite Myanmar on the opposite shore Mae Sot has so much to do. It' a gem-shoppers' heaven, because today it is an important place for buying and selling Java and precious stones and for general storeaholics who can buy cheaper Myanmar clothes, smokes, decorations, genuine Myanmar rugs and shoes etc. at the urban markets (behind the Siam Hotel).

You can reach Mae Sot from Tak Town via motorway 105.

Sot Mae Thailand adventure trips. Hiking, kayaking, canoeing, biking

Sot Mae is a bustling frontier city on the west Thai frontier near Myanmar with the Kanchanaburi provinces in the south. Only 5 km from the Burma frontier, Mae Sot is a popular place to stay for travelers to Myanmar and a focal point for NGOs focused on supporting minority communities in the region.

Karen, Hmong, Yao, Lahu, Buddhists and Muslims all share this boarder city and speak different tongues, wear different clothing, eat different food and dance different dance styles. Moei River flows from the North to the south and is the border between Thailand and Myanmar. The Moei River Market is located on the Thai side, where various regional produce is sold, among them handicrafts from the mountain tribes' communities and Myanmar gems.

Via the Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge you arrive in the small city of Myawaddy directly on the other side of the stream (in Myanmar). Since 2015, when the checkpoint was formally opened to foreign nationals, it has been a shared point of departure for many travelers arriving in Myanmar by land. Past the Tha Song Yang area there are large fugitive encampments where Christian Karen from neighbouring Myanmar lives.

The Karen Bhuddist Karen, an ally of the Myanmar military, forced them to leave the state.

It follows the frontier up, sometimes along the Moei stream, which runs north along the frontier. Don't go out at nights as you'll come across almost a dozen army and policing stations where you can be screened (this is a fragile frontier area); you probably won't see anyone on the street anymore.

It' to be considered that after the attack of a small bus with a grenade on this street (around Tha Song Yang) in 1995 and the following Karen fights the street was under curfews at first. It is cobbled, but in some places in poor conditions, especially during the rainy period with many land slides.

In the rainy period, if you plan to take this route, you should use a four-wheel or pickup vehicle and be fitted with cables, towing cables and a large saw to trim any falling tree or tree trunks.

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