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What's Laos?

Laos is located on the continent of Asia. Precise location of Laos and coordinates. Lapland is a landlocked country in Southeast Asia. Would you like to know where Laos is? Lao's map clearly shows his position in the world.

Where' s Laos? - Latvian Geography

Where' s Laos? When someone asked me where I came from (when I was abroad), and when I said I was from Laos, he asked: Is Laos a Nam? On another occassion someone asked me: "Is Laos a land with the name Norodom Sihanou". It is not known, not loved, for anything other than a small nation that has been severely bombarded in the past and not many in other parts of the world know about.

The Mekong River is a large part of its west border with Thailand, which stretches over 1,835 kilometers, the northwest border with Myanmar over a distance of 236 kilometers and the south border with Cambodia (535 kilometers).

Whilst the mountain range forms most of the east Vietnam frontier (the longest) with a length of 2,337 kilometers and the 508-kilometer long frontier with China to the north. Mekong, the longest in Southeast Asia, the seventh longest in Asia and the twelfth longest flow in the canyon. The water runs throughout Laos, from the Luang Namtha to the southernmost Champasak before flowing to Cambodia and Vietnam to the SVD.

The Laos has the largest part of the Mekong-Fluss. This is important for the countryside because its inhabitants depend on the rivers for their nutrition and wellbeing. The state of Laos is a fully enclosed area of 236,800 square kilometers, including 6,000 square kilometers of sea, the remainder (230,800 square kilometers) of it.

This densely wooded countryside is mainly composed of steep hills in the northern part and some lowlands and plateaux in the southern part. Phou Bia ("Phou" Laotian for mountain) is the highest point of the land at 2,820 meters (9,252 feet), located in Xiang Khuang county in northern Laos, and the lower point is on the Mekong River at 70 meters (229 feet).

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