Where is Burma Located on a Map

What is Burma on a map?

Precise location of Myanmar and coordinates. Burma, formerly known as Burma, is located in Southeast Asia and borders India, Bangladesh, China, Bhutan, Laos and Thailand. This is an interactive online Google map showing the exact location of Myanmar. Locate Myanmar. Myanmar's geographical location within Asia is shown on the map below.

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Myanmar is a map of Burma used to superimpose marks and captions on an equiangular map of Burma (also known as Myanmar). They are placed on the standard map or a similar map picture according to degree of longitude and parallel. The following defaults are used by the following defaults when called with the Myanmar parameter: picture = Myanmar location map.svg The standard map picture, without "Image:" or "File:" The map specified as image1 (Myanmar relocation map.jpg) can be shown using the MapRelief or Alternative Map settings in {{{Location map}}, {{{Location map many}}} and {{Location map+}}}.

Use of these two paramters is shown in the following example.

Burma Map

There are not many who want to come to Myanmar. It has been under the reign of a army jungle for many years and is still suffering the effects of the war. That is regrettable, especially because the shortage of tourism is not only a waste for the land, but also for the peoples who never come.

Burma is extremely nice and captivates by the fact that it goes undetected by many. It is a land full of natural beauty with hills, sandy shores, jungle and the like. Meanwhile, those seeking a holiday of spirituality will be intrigued by the many pilgrimages and convents throughout the area.

Burma is one of those lands that should not be seen in a book, but first-hand. No one should miss the miracles of Yangon and Mandalay. Burma's Yangon and Mandalay airport is more than ever willing to learn more after recent overhaul....

If, however, you plan to move, it is a good practice to review certain data and information to prevent unpleasant surprise.

Chameleon map of Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar, the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal bordered land in southeastern Asia, is shown in full satellites. Bangladesh, China, India, Laos and Thailand are some of the world' s border states. Myanmar's new administration capitol (since March 2006) is a proposed Naypyidaw town in the Naypyitaw Union Territory, half way between the country's major towns, about 370 km north of its former capitol Yangon and 280 km southward of Mandalay, known as the North City of Myanmar.

Rangoon, the former state capitol, is the country's biggest town and the business centre. Burma has a total of 51.4 million inhabitants (2014 census). This map shows Myanmar with major and minor avenues. Please use the following contact sheet to find a site.

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