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(Archipel de Myeik) ; und Shwesettaw Wildlife Sanctuary (à Minbu). The Burmese language on the world map. Myanmar played an important role for the British army in the Second World War. Explore the world's largest book at the Kuthodaw Pagoda in Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma): Actual local time and time zone in Yangon, Myanmar, Asia.

Burmese Resettlement in the context of astronomy

RANGOON, Burma -- Goverment officials were given two full days' advance notification to move their office and be prepared to move. This poor country's poor reigning army regimes had chosen to move its capitol to the secluded, dust laden city of Pyinmana. At the 6th of November, the day of the move from Rangoon, the long-time capitol, according to some reports, several hundred employees assembled in their office and sang'Out, out, out!

As the officers were arriving in Pyinmana, 200 leagues due North of Central Burma, they found a work area. Since more than a months many officials of the state live like fugitives in the basins of incomplete houses, often without flowing current and drinking wells.

A lot of the workmen have asked to resign, but none of them were permitted to, said a former official who remains in contact with his old team mates. Many have found the abrupt move from busy Rangoon to Pyinmana strange, even for a population used to the indiscriminate decree of the violent army regimes and their ruler, Snr-Gen Than Shwe.

This is a very odd land, a very odd government," said an experienced reporter who could not be named for being afraid of retaliation by the state. Even the highest officials are angry about the parade, and they call it the work of a zealot. PYYINMANA is a small rural city.

There is no way to raise funds. "Many Burmese also known as Myanmar trace the move back to Than Shwe's belief in estrologists who recently began to predict that his administration would collapse if he did not quickly found a new city. Only way the reigning general can rescue the Iranian state is to move the Yangon city.

They are predicting that the administration will not survive April," the experienced reporter said. It' about preventing the break-up of the regime. "Myanmar authorities have said that Pyinmana offers a more centrally located position as the junta tries to strengthen its influence on the ethnic-dominated north frontier areas.

There are some who believe that the choice to move the nation's capitol out of the Rangoon coastline was also triggered by Than Shwe's wish to insulate the administration and save it from possible threat such as a grass-roots insurgency or a U.S. intrusion. One way or another, the regime's choice to invest its funds in the construction of a new capitol, while the majority of the people live in bitter destitution, shows that the army has control over it.

All this shows how irrationally this regimes is," said a high-ranking West German politician who refused to be known by name or nationalities. "Burma has been governed by the army since 1962. Recently, the administration prolonged its imprisonment for six inches. The 74-year-old Than Shwe, a former expert in psychiatric warmongering, has led the regimes since 1992.

The Burmese regime is considered one of the most oppressive regime in the entire country and detains more than 1,000 detainees. Intelligence is regularly censured and many individuals are compelled to work on intergovernmental ventures without reimbursement. Burma has become one of the impoverished nations in Asia despite a plethora of natural and cultural assets, such as precious stones, wood and olive oils.

On 16 December, at the insistence of the United States and the United Kingdom, the United Nations Security Council conducted a united debate on Burma. Moreover, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations has said it will urge Burma "to release Suu Kyi and other detainees and speed up the process of establishing democracy".

According to reports from the West, plans for the capital's move to Pyinmana began five or six years ago and new office, apartment and street building has been under way for many month. From a historical perspective, the establishment of a new capitol was the way Burmese leaders founded new ruling power and shaped the country, which included the move from Inwa to Mandalay, the last pre-colonial capitol, in 1859.

In 1885 the British founded Rangoon as their capitol. The majority of federal employees get the equivalents of $5 to $10 per months and many depend on side work, payoffs or the incomes of members of the families to live. It' s essentially a gigantic building site," said the development aide. However, despite the need, there is little prospect of the country's compliant officials protesting or challenging the state.

They are complaining privately," another high-ranking West German said, "but they will do nothing about it.

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