Where is Birma

Who is Burma?

Myanmar as it is now. Myanmar, wie es jetzt ist. jpg Le dernier Tweets de Burma Task Force (@BurmaTaskForce). Myanmar is his assigned beat. In the last weeks we made our way to Upper Burma and back to Yangon, but this is the first time we have enough internet to write a post.

Where' s Burma?

Mar 08 Where is Burma? I am Rick Johnson, after many years of travelling to and from Southeast Asia, is one of the most asked questions: "Where is Burma?" Can you find Burma on a chart? When I first became interested in a trip to Burma, I couldn't have done it either.

Hidden in the Bay of Bengal, Burma is one of the biggest countries in Southeast Asia. The country is bordered by Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand. Situated between latitudes 9-29 degrees N, Burma is home to a varied countryside that encompasses jungle, hills, forests, dry farmlands and shores. It is a region of the Himalayas and the chains of hills that run both to the east and west are linked to the world-famous Himalayas.

Hakabo Razi, affectionately called "The Ice Mountain", stands near the border to China and India and is thus Burma's highest hill (and higher than any hill in America, except Alaska's Denali). Irrawaddy, Salween and Sittaung River, which lie in Burma's hilly valley, dine on lush plateaus. So the next revelation of Burma in a geography bee, we want you to be the one.

I am Rick Johnson, and we will try to respond to more inquiries about Burma in the next fewweek.

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