Where is Bagan

So where' s Bagan?

Burmese Bagan (????;

MLCTS: pu.gam, IPA:[b??à?]; formerly Pagan) is an ancient city in the Mandalay region of Myanmar. It' a few hours drive southwest of Mandalay, the second city of Myanmar (formerly called Burma). over a year ago. The Bagan is in the Mandalay region of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) and searches Google Maps for Bagan, Myanmar. Myanmar's main destination is Bagan, capital of the first Myanmar Empire, one of the richest archaeological sites in Southeast Asia.

All about Bagan

Pagan (or Bagan) is an old town that was the capitol of Burma's first imperi. Bagan, the antique heartland of Burma, is home to churches and monuments from the eleventh to the thirteenth centuries. More than 2,000 peagodas and churches have been constructed, most of them by the old monarchs and guides of Burma.

Of all Myanmar's towns, Bagan is the best tourist location, whatever the seasons. Bagan, unlike the towns in the lower part of Myanmar, has no wet seasons and it is the prefect Bagan weather that makes it easy for visitors to see and enjoy the antique town all year round.

It may be an old town, but it offers its guests something new.

Where Bagan - Bagan Temple

There is no other place in the world like Bagan. It' a part of the Ayeyarwady or Irrawady rivers in the western part of Burma, with its temple, pagoda and stupa. One can only perceive it from the sky, if one stands also at the highest point of some temple, then one receives nevertheless a miniature view of the wide environment of buildings of one' s own personalities.

I' m looking forward to returning to Bagan and exploring more of the structure to understand how this realm of the beautiful came into being. The Bagan is located on the Irrawaddy in Burma/Myanmar, a few hour southwest of Mandalay, the second capital of Myanmar (formerly Burma).

The Bagan is in the Mandalay area of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) and searches Google for Bagan, Myanmar. It is located on the Ayeyarwady riverbank, approximately in the center of Myanamar (Burma). Browse for'Bagan' on wentoglemaps or your favorite map page.

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