When was Burma Changed to Myanmar

How long has Burma been transferred to Myanmar?

The change of sound from "m" to "b" is common in Burmese and occurs in many other words. Of course, many countries change their names. The Burmese people have changed while the government has not yet reformed. Myanmar is a war zone, not a rule of law. But I have to change my plans to join Mandalay.

So things are about to change in Burma - or are they?

Rangoon - Change is happening so fast in Burma - the para -state now known as Myanmar - that it needs to be noted down to keep an overview. - The BBC, a relentless reviewer of Burma's army in recent years, has been allowed to open a newscast.

The most celebrated development was the meeting of 17 racial groups last months to debate the end of 65 years of bloodletting, the longest ever civilian conflict. Peacemaking discussions are to be continued, but even during the meeting members of the administration were charged with having raped ethnical wives.

Raping is now the second most common serious criminal activity recorded in the state, after homicide. Although much has been achieved, the continuing violent events remind us that some things have not changed: Burma has entered the Miss Universe contest for the first in 50 years and is staging the Southeast Asian Games this off.

But, to put it in "Amazing Grace" anthemist John Newton: Burma is not the land it should be, but thank God it is not the land it once was. As far as possible, the greatest possible move towards nationhood could be made by a revision of the 2008 army enacted state.

Several changes are necessary to achieve greater involvement of national groups and less dominance of the army. This section states that a prospective president must not have spouses or grandchildren who are nationals of another state - a specific request to prevent Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, the head of the Nazi regime, from holding high offices.

Unions dominating Solidarity and Development Partie, a cat's foot for the army rulers, has 52 chairs and 25 members from the army, while only seven members of Suu Kyi's political group have been accepted along with 25 members from small political groupings. This mathematics will help clarify why Suu Kyi has spent much effort building good relations with the army and members of parliament.

They understand that true transformation will only take place when the unilateral condition is reversed. Once the photographer democratic defender was the favorite of the media when she was a deportee of politics. She is the subsidiary of the independent chief General Aung San and has a pool of respectfulness that could contribute to the reunification of the state.

It has the power to work for the benefit of the impoverished and for accountable external investments. Aung San Suu Kyi is showing her strength by calling on the Chinese authorities to hold a meeting with her political parties to debate the constitution review trial that has so far been overturned. When serious reforms are proposed, this will send a message to the rest of the rest of the world that Burma is really serious - if not, it will be just the same.

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