When to Visit Myanmar

If you should visit Myanmar

Discover the people, architecture, history and cultures that make Myanmar unique. Visiting Myanmar If you are looking for Myanmar, any moment is a good place to be. Take a look at the lovable humans and the diversity of #MagicalMyanmar through the eyes of globetrotter Salt in our Hairdry. Nobody dare to deny that the ThinkGyan is the most enjoyable of the many Myanmar festivities, because of so many interesting things during the ThinkGyan event, many Myanmarers enjoy eating their local delicacies the most.

Thinkgyan wouldn't be complete without these festivalsnacks. If you are thinking unconventionally, there is no skip from Burma and the mental miracles it has. Or you can get to Burma via Thailand; once there, this may be the only one? It is the type of site most needed in Burma in the era of the digit.

Myanmar with its mystical beauty of nature and untouched areas. A good example of tourism in the conservation of our heritage and in the care of our environment.

Articles on Responsible Visiting of Myanmar

Explore our Myanmar tourism company directory to learn more about our companies and find out which have been the cause of controversies in the past. Shop on the spot, get some rest and enjoy some time. Support your neighborhood companies to make sure the funds stay in the neighborhood. Attempt to distribute your expenses: Discriminators of unrelated trips claim that travelers' expenses are generally in short supply at selected locations, even if these locations are operated by private individuals (Lonely Planet Myanmar 2012, p. 23).

Consult your tourist guides, receptionists or other people involved in the tourist industry about the impact of the tourist industry on the surrounding area and the world. You should ask them what they are doing to minimise adverse effects. Search for fellowship benefits and get to know the communities. Support Myanmar's tradition of handicrafts by attending craft workshop and learn how to make things.

Myanmar's popular toy, wooden carvings, lacquerware, rayon fibre weavings, silks and cottons, tapestry, pots and potters, parasols, handmade papers, silver goods and goldfleet. Walk into a restaurant that serves typical Myanmar cuisine ( "order 1 entrée and a side plate will appear on your table") and keep in mind that your trip would not be completed without a trip to a nearby teafood store.

Ask your guest house for its favourite restaurants. Myanmar Fine Arts Gallery: Visiting national parks and protected areas to find out more about Myanmar's natural preservation work. Burmese orchids in the states of Kachin, Chin and Shan as well as in the Mandalay region. Hire a cab from Golden Harp Taxis Service, a taxicab company run by former police inmate.

For more information, please call Golden Harp at or call Talky (+95 9) 450019186, Shell (95 +9) 449004810, Bo Bo Bo (+95 9) 428117348 or Tun Myint (+95 9) 73217789, or simply click here to get this downloadable file. The Bogyoke Aung San Museum. The Bogyoke Museum Lane. Take a reading trip. Discover the developing world of the press and rummage through the bookstores and newsstands.

View the used Bogyoke Aung San Road on the south side between Traders Hotel and Bogyoke (Scott) Markt. Innwa Book Shop, Myanmar Book Centre, Bagan Bookhouse, Green Bookstore and Monument Book are also recommend. No 84/A, Thanlwin Road, Golden Hill Avenue, Golden Hill Avenue, Golden Valley, Bahan Township, Yangon.

Bicycle and drive around a part of the pond and stop at the nearby refreshment stores and take a look at the little frequented peaks. Shopping in the Society for Rural Development's fairly traded store. They can also book guided tours of the store and in exchange make a contribution to the RDC for its many collaborative work.

Visiting Paung Daw Oo Monastery to find out what contributions are needed. It also provides free health care for people living nearby with volunteers and physicians. It is common in Myanmar and is highly valued to distribute foods that are distributed among the villagers' needy. Once you are back home, be aware of your sense of responsibility in Myanmar as a tourist destination.

Help can be continued long after your stay by making your loved ones aware of whether and how it is possible to travel to Myanmar in a responsible manner.

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