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Responsible visits to Myanmar. Have a look at our "Dos and Don'ts for tourists" cartoons. Free download at www.dosanddontsfortourists.com.

Find out more about Myanmar Weather by Month and what to wear during a visit. Myanmar is a place to visit all year round.

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Hello! most tourist towns in Myanmar (Burma) --> Yangon --> (flies)Mandalay --> (boat) Bagan --> flies from Heho (inwards) then directly to (flies)Ngapali Strand (Sandoway or Thandwe) back to Yangon, if there is still enough space, you can go to Kyaikhtiyo or gold dancing skirt. End of January - middle of February you may score a little better, but you will get great results at any moment.

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Wellcome to Myanmar! There are many faces to Myanmar and it is certainly something unique for any traveller who wants to travel more than just a stay at a seaside resort-they can. It' a land with a very wealth y cultural heritage, unspoilt countryside and, to the amazement of some people, also a land with a really welcoming people who would very much like to get in touch with other people.

They are open, relaxed and interested in learning more about everything. It is the local population that makes up the land, and that certainly also applies to Myanmar. Myanmar has formal celebrations for almost all religions of the globe and is sometimes jested with a sense of "competition and envy" for better foods, outfits, jewelry or other national cultures.

Burmese are known as Bamar, as well as Chin, Kachin, Kayin, Karen, Mon, Rakhine and Shan) LOVE tasting American cuisine. (Shan and Rakhine foods are very much loved in Yangon. When traveling around the countryside, they will always take home meals from the area they have been to as a gift for their families and home stayers.

In total, our staff has more than 60 years of expertise in various areas, among them tailor-made Fitness trips, group trips, incentives, ticket sales and hotels. The Myanmar offices offer many new trips to show our guests the true Myanmar, not the usual pagodas rallies that many other operators offer. Our goal is for our customers to enjoy the true kindness of the Burmese and we work to organise trips where our customers can get in touch with the people.

They are encouraged - while they visit and enjoy the land - to make a few benefits to the population. We' re particularly proud of our trips to Bagan, where our guests can explore the everyday life of the local population around the old temple, or to Yangon town centre, where our walk reveals the town' s colorful architectural style.

By the time Hurricane Nargis struck, she had been active in the tourist industry for over seven years, but chose to give up her work to help those in the areas affected by the hurricane. Recovering, the Danube has rejoined the tourist industry by teaming up with us in Myanmar in 2010.

Edwin Briels, our General Manager, has ten years of professional practice in Myanmar. He loves to show the true kindness of the Myanmar tribe to the tourist and helps to enable true interaction between overseas and local population. Bagan and our travel leader Naing Naing were the highlights of our journey.

naing naing was an unbelievable leader - so generously, open-mindedly and competently. Golden Land of Shwedagon and Bagan, Orwell and Ki-pling-- Myanmar celebrities alone have created an overwhelming romanticism among the vulnerable for centuries:

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