When to Travel to Myanmar

How long to Myanmar?

Myanmar/Burma is best visited during the winter season, which lasts from November to February. But it can be overcrowded during the winter season, so also consider visiting the rainy season for the best time, especially if you intend to visit areas in and around Mandalay and Bagan. An ideal time to visit Burma is the dry season between October and May. Though Myanmar has two different seasons - dry and wet - you can visit the country all year round. So where is Myanmar?

Both January and February are great weeks to come to Burma because it is arid everywhere and the temperature is not yet overwhelming.

Both January and February are great weeks to come to Burma because it is arid everywhere and the temperature is not yet crushing. March and April, where the temperature will increase sharply, especially in the key areas of the former Yangon capitol (formerly known as Rangoon). This is the beginning of Burma's rainy month, which lasts from May to the June, July and August summers.

Rainfall falls in the afternoons and early evenings with several coastal resort, such as Ngapali Beach, which are fully closed. Septembre and October are still humid, especially in the main and south areas, while Mandalay, in the North, will see less precipitation and more stable tempera. There are some who think November or December is the best season to go to Burma, but it can be crowded and the lodging will be fully occupied when the rainy cloud becomes clear to create luxuriant leafy areas, fast-flowing streams and waterfall cascades: âThere is an idea that the best season to go to Burma is from November to March, but it is actually good to go to many places during our sommers.

Some places are very humid during the monsoon and you cannot get to the beaches like Ngapali, but the areas around Mandalay, Bagan and Inle Lake do not see much rains even in summers, and even when it rains, it tends to be brief, pungent shiver.

It is not depressing in relation to the temperature, while March and April are completely searing. Every November, hot-air baloons of hand-made papermaking are sent to heaven to celebrate the end of the wet seasons and to honor Buddhist and Hindueities. Pagodas are a reminder of the foundation and coronation of the Nativity and other historical occurrences.

Major fiestas are Yangonâs Shwedagon in February/March and the Golden Rock and Baganâs Schwezigon, both in November. Greater festivities draw people from all over the land and feature dinner stands, young thé puppet theatres, live performances, dancing and warfare.

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