When to go to Burma Weather

Where to go to Burma Weather

Off-season (May-Sep) The southwest monsoon begins in mid-May and reaches its peak from July to September. Weather Forecast and Climate Information for Myanmar: Including Yangoon, Mandalay, Naypyidaw, Bangan with temperatures and precipitation maps. Anyone can tell me how bad the weather is in October, and when it rains, it rains all day. If you should travel to Burma (Myanmar):

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Somebody tell me the best month to come to Myanmar? We' re going to Myanmar in November. We welcome your experiences and proposals during the best visiting hours! It is also high seasons, so many more visitors await you at almost all the places you see.

June-October is the wet weather, the monsoons are in full force every day. Tourist numbers during this monthly are minimum & rates are at their lowst, so if you want the visions to yourself & store a few bucks, these are the months you want to attend in.

Been in Myanmar most of February. In Myanmar, is this a particularly serious or persistent issue during certain periods? When I ask the question: "When is the best moment to go? With this in mind, when is a good moment for a trip? We' re even having a grocery show this past couple of days... along the road in China City ('Downownown Area' ) where there's plenty of eating everywhere... It's really great eating and hanging around all nigh...

It is a good opportunity to enjoy the tradition of the Wasserfest. The audience is entertained by all the VIPs and all the participants are delighted and thrilled about the event. This year from November 15 to 21, it is undoubtedly the most lively event on Myanmar's calendar. Kyaiktiyo Feast, from the end of November to the beginning of January, is a worthwhile destination for tens of thousand travellers on pilgrimages to the Golden Rock.

Thank you for talking to the folks at the Orchid Chinatown Dance Arts Council about barbecuing on 19 St all last night, that' s good for me!

The weather and the best season to come to Burma (Myanmar)

Would you like to know about the weather in Burma (Myanmar)? Myanmar has a rainforest with monsoons. There are three different periods in Burma - warm and arid from the end of February to the end of May, the wet period from the end of May to October and the cold and arid period from November to February.

The Rakhine State, Delta (including Yangon) and Southern Burma have the highest rainfall and moisture when it comes to penetrating the land through the coldest climates, and they remain the hottest during the coolest seasons. This arid region encompasses Bagan and neighbouring areas in the centre of Burma and is most affected by high temperature and little shadow during the hottest months of the year, but the region does get cooler during the wet seasons.

Areas of the top middle, northern and eastern parts are generally at a higher elevation, colder at nights (even very cold) and have the most forgivable climates in relation to warmth and precipitation. They have high temperature and moisture from February to May. Be wise in choosing your dress to mate with the warmth and conservatism of this area of religion (wearing trousers and naked collars usually brings frowning from the locals).

June-October brings high atmospheric moisture and heavy rainfall, often blocking the road and causing transport to be slow. The months November to February are beautiful and provide hot weather and dependable sundown. Drought zones and lower Burma are rather droughty and desiccated (hence the name), with extremes of temperature from February to May.

June-October provide a welcome alleviation of the hot weather with mild shiver. The months of November to February are the best weather for this area and can even be cool at night. That part of Burma tends to have more variations in temperatures throughout the entire afternoon.

From February to May there can be very high during the day and intensive sunshine. Things are cooler in the evening than in southern Burma, but humans are inclined to look for higher areas like Kalaw and Pyin Oo Lwin. From June to October the rainfall is modest and more welcome than in the southern hemisphere; the weather is temperate and the precipitation is less common and intensive.

From November to February, the temperature ranges from chilly to very chilly for those in higher altitudes. What is the best season to go to Burma? Nov-Feb are the simplest and most convenient weather to get around Burma. The clear sky and the low temperature are quite constant in the whole land, which is usually a rich shade of the just crossed monsun.

When you travel from February to May, be ready for the hot weather wherever you are and anticipate that you will feel more at home in Burma's uptown, northern and western areas than in any other. You should not travel across the southern hemisphere during the rainy season from June to October, as the island tends to stop shipping and join the crowd that travels northern of Yangon.

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