When is the best Time to Visit Myanmar

What is the best time to visit Myanmar?

The best time to visit Myanmar. Myanmar offered Mother Nature a special privilege to become a jealously beautiful country. Which is the best time of year to visit Myanmar? In general, there is no best time to visit Myanmar. It is best to travel from October to March.

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When you plan a journey to Myanmar, once a closed Nation, you must ask yourself what the best time is in Myanmar and when to visit. Situated in the Ecuadorian area, Myanmar has a mainly three different seasons: the wet period from June to September, with strong but brief rainfall. the cold period from October to March, with lower average annual precipitation for the whole region. the warm period starts at the end of May with peaks of over 40°C.

This is our view on your query about the best time to travel in Myanmar. If you look at the above climatic descriptions, you will see that the best time to travel to Myanmar is between October and March, after the monsoons and before the heat. It is very comfortable (15-30°C) and it does not rainy (but in the southern areas of Hpa An and Moulmein it can still rainy until November).

Highland areas such as Inle Lake, Kalaw, Pindaya, Pwin Oo Lwin, Hsipaw, etc. are chilly or even freezing, so it is recommended to take a pullover with you. One more good season: A number of travellers think it is better not to go during the wet seasons. But there are some benefits to this season:

Comfortable temperatures: After some very sunshine the rainy weather comes to freshen up the air. Throughout this period, the temperature ranges from 25 to 35°C. Precipitation differs greatly from region to region. In Bagan or Mandalay, the two biggest travel destination of the land, it hardly drizzles however.

Lovely verdant countryside for those who love nature: this is the best time to enjoy the landscape at your disposal: the skies are clear and gardens, farmland and hills are overgrown. At that time, the contrasts between the brickwork stamps of Bagan with reddish and verdant squares were most notable.

Few travellers like to visit during the months of the monsoons, so the hotel is less overcrowded and offers very reasonable prices and a personal and fast local bus and tram there. Renting a hotel is simple and offers better value for money. May is the hottest time to visit Burma.

Aside from the Shan State Mountains and the breezy Rakhine State coastline, where it is better, it is very warm in the remainder of the state. Temperatures rise from the end of March to around 40 C in April and May, the skies are so clear and overcast.

The driest region of Upper Burma, which includes Bagan and Mandalay, is the warmest (43-44°C). When you can't bear the heat, you should try to stay away from this time. Please note: The best time in October to March also occurs during the holiday season in Europe (Christmas and Christmas holidays).

Please note that Burma has just been opened up to the rest of the planet and that its facilities and tourist amenities do not currently satisfy the growing needs of travellers, especially during the high seasons. The shortage of available capacity is common on national and hotel routes.

Hopefully this information will help you choose your visit to the Golden Land.

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