When is the best Time to Visit Burma

What is the best time to visit Burma?

Find out more about the weather averages in Moscow & St. Myanmar Forum - Best Travel Season Is it best to prevent monsoons, which I think are between May and August, but is it really a real issue to travel within that one? Thanks, shoulder seasons of November and February are great, good wheather without the highest prices around Christmas & New Year. best season is whenever u go, actually Nov-March the wheather is best but its also the most crowded. br

Hi, Even the rainiest period in SEA is from mid-July to early September, so to get the low rate with a little bit of heat (during the summers ), you can begin the trip in May to June. The thread has been discontinued due to apathy.

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Southwest Asia in January, February & March

A spoiler alert: When it comes to Asia, there is never a poor moment for a stop. Asia offers a great show, rains, hailstorms or splendour, from scenic sandy shores and thick jungles to busy fairs and quiet wards. But the only big thing to keep in sight is the period of monsoons (it differs from state to state, according to the degree of latency and some other factors).

However, if you are a half-world wide continental area of just over 44 million sq. km, there is always a land where the wet seasons are not so strong. Choose any of the months on the calender and there will be a place all over Asia that is warm, sunshiny and worth a card.

Though it is high seasons between November and March, the first few seasons of the year are particularly good for visiting this breathtaking South East Asia state. Vietnam is getting ready for some very steaming summers this year. In June and July the rain has reached its climax, so if you want to see Hanoi before it gets too wet, or if you want to dare into the Halong Bay under the open sky, you should do so in April or May.

Sapa' s hilly countryside in the north has quite moderate temperatures all year round. During April and May the main coastline (Hoi An, Hue and Da Nang) is in the middle of pristine seaside conditions - clear sky, hot summer air and always soft seas. Booking a journey to Bangladesh now is the best moment.

The temperature in April is comfortable (28°C) and relatively arid; the wet seasons come with the warm May and June. It is also a great month to see the animal world and the beautiful rhododendron in full blossom. Monsunas move through the countryside between July and October, but the temperature in the southern hemisphere - especially on the coastline - is a mild 34°C/93°F in April and May.

Anticipate the casual wet showers, but don't let the rains put a damper on your journey; rains are short and it's the ideal moment for you to inspect a sanctuary or order a large dish of pads of Thai. The Cambodia is quite warm and wet at this season, but the landscape blossoms in green and pink as the plants and plants absorb all the sun.

Burma has a similar story: While the rain fall is just beginning to spread through the south of the island, Myanmar looks good, good, good (and not too hot). It' the ideal season to go to the Bagan temple or stay one or two nights at Inle Lake.

Now if Bali is on your pail manifest, it's check the box. In August, while the paradise on the islands is still in high seasons, it becomes quieter and more relaxed in September. Ubud, located in the hills, offers enjoyable nights - ideal for walking in the surrounding towns or drinking freshly prepared juice in a typical cafe - and nights suitable for a stroll through the evening market or folklore music.

Wild life enthusiasts should hurry to Borneo, where the year round is fine weathers. Lowlands are always quite wet and warm, and it rains - even if only briefly - every year. It is understandable that Monsune get a reputation, but don't let them scare you away from your Asian-adventures.

Most of Asia is affected by rainfall and quite a bit of moisture from May to September, but some areas are certainly less than others. Have a look at our offer of small group trips to Asia. I' m choosing travel destination that' s all about how cute/hideous the fauna is, and alpaca is my strength.

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