When is the best Time to Travel to Myanmar

What is the best time to travel to Myanmar?

The rainy season is in full swing during this period (especially from July to September). Schedule your trip to some places taking into account the following points. Here you will find the latest information for the best time to travel to Myanmar. Find out about the best travel season for Vietnam, Loas and Cambodia with useful information about the climate. The best time to visit Myanmar is from October to March (the high season in Myanmar).

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Although it is possible to travel here all year round, there are certain times of the year. To get a better understanding of where and when to go, please see more. If you are traveling to Myanmar, it is important to know the most important travel information before setting off.

In case you have any question about Passport, Visa or Currencies, here are some useful hints directly from our expert Myanmar staff to help you. If you are looking for the best flight to Myanmar, we can help you find the best flight to Myanmar next to your rural packages, i.e. everything is organised under one umbrella. You can find more information about airline companies and destination in our practical travel to Myanmar travel guides.

If you travel by rail, coach or horse-drawn carriage, there are several ways to travel Myanmar. Have a look at our practical travel guides to get an impression of the different transportation possibilities during your journey.

Best time to explore Lake Inle | Lake Inle

Myanmar's wet seasons can result in a significant number of nights on most nights. Rainfall is from June to September with a drop of over 400 mm in the wetest period, which is often August. Difficulties during these few seasons can be about getting around, so if you are asked about the best time to come to Myanmar, the solution is to make your Myanmar trip and avoid these few years.

Although the temperature will be approaching the mid-20s every single night, it will still be much cooler than in the rain. This will be to some degree a frustration for those who are interested in the bird, because this is the nesting time at Lake Inle for the lovely Lake Inle lake of Pheasants' Tailacana.

Harvesting is in late November, which is the beginning of a fairly well-defined four-month drought, although there is still some rainy; Myanmar will never be running low on fresh silt. In early March, the temperature starts to climb above 30 degrees Celsius and there are still a few days before the rainy days come back and this is the warmest time of the year, but if it is too warm, you may not be feeling energetic enough to fully appreciate the area.

This is the area that is such an attractive destination for those wishing to include Inle Lake in their Myanmar travel itinerary. Remember that it is possible to carry all year round, but it is unpleasant for visitors to be on the lake in strong rains. Different meteorological regimes exist that affect different parts of Southeast Asia depending on the time of year.

Although the summers are low in many parts of Indochina, there are good reason why visitors want to travel at this time of year. This can be as easy as the additional time available for the holiday at this time of year. You should speak to a travel agency that knows the whole area before refusing the option of traveling to Myanmar in the off-season.

Myanmar's infrastructures will continue to evolve in the coming years, but strong rains will always put communication under strain, so the choice is really convenient and there are emergency preparedness when it is hard to follow a particular path? Well, a good travel agency will have some good ones. Lake Inle is a beautiful environment that visitors will certainly appreciate.

Whilst the month on both sides of Christmas are peak seasons, do not lay off the other month in your plans.

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