When is the best Time to Travel to Burma

What is the best time to travel to Burma?

The climate in Myanmar (Burma) is a tropical monsoon climate with three different seasons: Burma/Myanmar is the best time to travel. There are two seasons in Myanmar, dry from October to May and wet from May to early October. What is the best time to travel to Myanmar? November-February is the best travel season for Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos with clear skies and mild weather.

Burma (Myanmar) Weather & best travel time for Myanmar (Burma)

The year-round high temperatures are an Myanmar symbol. Like in many South East Asia lands, Myanmar has two different times of the year, the arid and the soppy. Drought begins from October to May, when it is chilly at nights and in some places at high altitudes. During the rainy period from May to September, when the monsoons arrive and the land rains heavily.

Temperatures fluctuate throughout the year. It is the gold standard that it is always colder in the spurs and seas than at the sea and in the flat. In March and June the warmest time of the year is over 40°C with high air humid. Once the tsunami begins to rain, the streets to the countryside are closed, making it necessary to take an eavesdropper or canopy.

During November the month of the year the monsoons disappear, the weather gets colder, a cosy breeze blows and the sky is clear. The best time to explore Myanmar between November and February is when it has the least rainfall and the weather is not too warm (27°C mean temperature). But it is also the high tourist time.

Looking at October instead, one can experience an unforeseen, rewarding journey - the climate at that time is still good and colder than in the hot summers with fewer crowds of overcrowds. When it comes to packing, it is often advisable to take a sweater or wool for the evening all year round.

There is a full moons when there is a traditionally festival. Consider this when planning your journey. Try the 10-day Best of Myanmar to get an impression of life; or call us for an individual Indochina itinerary.

Best time to travel to Burma

Burma, a magnificent land in Southeast Asia, is a marvellous place to explore for its tribal cultures, architectures and people. A Burmese holiday is best from November to February after the rainy season, but before the great sun, when travellers are tempted by good sun and cold weather.

Travellers need to know the Myanmar meteorology and climatic conditions for a great adventure in this wonderful state. Myanmar has a three main months of the year long temperate rain and humid southern monsoons and a hot and arid central climat. June to October is the time of monsoons with strong rainfalls especially in July and August.

At this time there may be some Typhoons or gales from the East Ocean. The centre of the land, on the other side, is dryer. November to February: This time of year is marked by the lack of rains, the lovely summer weather and a comfortable climate. This is the best time to travel to Burma and see its magnificent scenery.

  • March to May is very warm in most parts of the countryside, especially from Bagan to Mandalay. Myanmar has a long and intriguing past, which includes several works of culture, architecture and historic landmarks. It is a land of exceptional tranquility and tranquillity that draws many international visitors. Myanmar would not be complete without a tour of Bagan, the first Burmese Empire capitol, one of the most important and formidable places of Buddhism.

On an area of 40 square kilometres you can admire more than 2000 antique Myanmar pagodas... Come and be impressed by the sundown in Bagan on the temple patio - an unbelievable natural area. The city of Bagan gives you memorable and memorable moments thanks to the majesty of its natural surroundings, the tranquillity and the thousand different sanctuaries.

You can then take a tour of Burma's Yangon heritage and people. Located on the Yangon River and the Andaman Sea, this town is an important stop for any travel to Myanmar. This town has a lot of ancient monuments, monasteries, mosques, church... Travellers will find many historic places, museum, markets, parks... Especially many of them are decorated with golden leahter.

Mahamuni Pagoda is home to one of the most important Buddhas in Burma. Don't miss to buy handcrafted items (like silk, lacquer, cigar, jewellery....), which are legions in this land, where the artisan still lives the most of the Myrmen. It is unlikely that you will encounter any inconvenience from the Myanmar tribe during your journey.

Burma will be an interesting travel destinations for those with a great desire to travel. Myanmar will give you great souvenirs. Select the best time to suit your needs and get your baggage ready for the voyage of exploration.

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