When is the best Time to go to Myanmar

What is the best time to travel to Myanmar?

Burma / Maynamar, Mandalay region. The weather in Myanmar is divided into three different types, from February to May, which is considered the hottest and driest time of the year. Myanmar is the ideal time of year for a visit from November to March, as this is the dry season in Myanmar. There are three seasons in Myanmar: hot, rainy and cool. In April there will be fewer crowds, so it is a good time to visit Myanmar.

The Bagan Temple | Best Travel Time | Top Tips Before You Go - Guide

When you are not in the low seasons (June-September): You will then have 2-3 hrs time to visit the temple without masses of people. Best sunny day, not too warm and sober. Decembre and January are the top touristic month. It is still quite a favourite, but the mid-season has already been taken into consideration. June- September:

The rains. Travellers say September is not a poor months to visit the temple while enjoying a magnificent and luxuriant landscape. The Sweet Spot Month: It' a great start to a great week in mid-October. Landscape is luxuriant and verdant. Fewer visitors than in high seasons. Over ten thousand pagodas, convents and churches were constructed, of which 2,200 are still preserved today.

In December/Jan, if you make a reservation well in advance, or you will not get a place. You' ll also be spending your time in a hot air balloon with many others (up to 10 people in large balloons) and may not get a good place. There are those who say that ballooning is too costly and overvalued, while others prefer it.

Myanmar is the perfect winter escape for 13 reason

is a good concept in winters. Myanmar's most pleasant time of year to explore is the coldest. Discovering Myanmar when it's not scorchingly warm or humid makes it the best time to travel. Myanmar's well-maintained beaches have something for everyone and the must-go time is during the cold winters, as the coasts of Myanmar year-round.

There is no way to get to Myanmar without visiting the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon. Drive there in the afternoons when the Myanmar's intensive heat makes the sidewalk almost too warm to go for a calmer, more private outing. Myanmar's Mergui Archipelago is described as one of the last great paradise on the planet and is intended for the adventurous who is afraid to discover something new.

The Hsipaw of Shan State is known for its rolling walks that give backpack tourists a real insight into the countryside of Myanmar. Sightseeing is a jewel, and among its offers are many walks to help you get away from this feared win tryout. It is one of the most popular Myanmar tourist sites, especially for faith.

At this point only men are permitted to come near this big rock to contact it. The Maymyo Pyin Oo Lwin is a popular excursion for Myanmaris. There are picturesque vistas, clear starlit night skies, as well as some of Myanmar's most beautiful cascades and colorful city.

Leave later in the year or early in spring to get the first harvest of creamed raw berries delivered. Sundown in Bagan is more popular in the cooler cold Myanmar seasons. Bagan's typical arid and powdery surroundings also adhere to the green of the wet seasons before it gets really hot again in the south.

Burma is an incumbent manufacturer of prestigious mass-produced mass-produced coffees, and rising demand for coffees throughout the nation is boosting the domestic population. When places like Inle Lake get more than just cool, a mug of Myanmar warm water or myanmar green beans will do. Every year on January 4, Myanmar celebrates Independence Day, which brings the whole neighborhood together from the hours of the day's rays until well after sunset.

The trip to Myanmar at the beginning of the Christmas period offers the possibility to purchase some original handcrafted goods for Christmas presents. All in all, January is one of the best seasons to come to Myanmar, as it offers perfect travelling opportunities all round. But it is also the busyest time of the year for tourists.

Make early bookings for accommodations and trips to find out what makes Myanmar the ideal place for a great time.

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