Whats on Yangon

What's on Yangon?

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Yangon, Myanmar: I' m thinking about a strange city

" That was one of the first comment from a native of Canada when we split a cab from Yangon International Yangon International into town. Burma is one of the most enigmatic lands I have ever been to. While I did research on-line before I arrived to get a sense of what to look forward to there, many resources were an exaggeration of what this land once was, while others lagged pitifully behind what Yangon - and Myanmar in general - was to me.

Burma is undergoing rapid changes. However, don't think for a second that this shift will make Myanmar "just another country" in a flick of an eye although they are trying to. It is part of their modernisation, but the town of Yangon is going in all direction.

The Maha Bandoola Garden with Yangon Town Hall in the back and the Sule Pagoda on the south. It is one of the few moments in the town where everything looks well looked after. It is undeniable that Yangon is proud of its park and garden. This is one of the many deserted Yangon building.

Yangon under a first feeling is like a dump - excuse my French. Yes, Yangon must be like that for some at all. And I think that even a town like Yangon has to have some "gold nuggets" to make it interesting to see. This is a very common road in Yangon town. and Myanmar in general is as it has been in its story.

It is afflicted by abject destitution that gives the majority of the local populace no genuine chance. But, in my view, it is even more serious that Myanmar used to be the wealthiest in Southeast Asia, but is now the impoverished. Myanmar, a land that has seen many trauma and repression in the past, including the Mongol invasions, colonisation by the UK and later the Japanese, has evolved this isolating mindset and behaviour that mostly opposed aliens from its area.

Today, however, this mindset has become dramatically relaxed and the nation receives and "cares for foreigners" as they announce in public on manners. Although Myanmar once had this isolationistic ideals, Yangon has always been a mixture of English, Myanmar, Chinese and Hindi allies. I would say that the UK impact is felt above all in its now deteriorating 19 th centrury collonial landscape - which once exalted the former capitol Rangoon.

India's presence is strong in the way the natives behave and how the town is not well maintained. Frankly, Yangon gave me the feeling of being back in India without the intensive crowd (actually, Myanmar was part of India under UK rule). That makes Yangon somehow a very tropical town.

Their stinging scent mixes with the flavor of road feed; the burgundy-clad friars can be found all over the town; most humans walk comfortably barefooted everywhere; females carry the classic danaka on their faces to keep them out of the rays; and most men still clothe themselves with a long sleek husky gown - and constantly bite walnuts, giving them a red face that makes them shudder at first.

I can' t ignore the spitting spots of filbert that can be found on every nook and cranny of the town. This is a very common road in Yangon town. Although this sounds and feels strange to us, these detail is inconceivable. is that Yangon is a town with an ID crunch.

To begin with, his financial standing was withdrawn (Naypyidaw, rebuilt from the ground up in 2005), his name was renamed from Rangoon to Yangon - simply renaming his land from Burma to Myanmar - and his nation's banner was reshaped more than once. Usually you listen to a mixture of Rangoons and Yangons, as well as a mixture of Burma and Myanmar.

Yangon buildings. Finally, Myanmar's tourist industry is flourishing, again thanks to the recent opening of frontiers and the simplification of legislation and regulations on it. In most places where visitors are permitted, there is more tourist than there is available (yes, there are parts of the land where visitors are not allowed).

Most sacred place in Myanmar. I don't think Yangon has much to show, except Sule Pagode and Shwedagon Pagode - the most popular attraction of Yangon (very beautiful and impressing, but in my view not the $8 entry fees worth). Most of your experiences are focused on living and soaking up Yangon's everyday lives, the market, the smaller temple, the chaos, the endless transport and above all the population.

I' m not saying all this because I used to hate Yangon or Myanmar, but because it's the way Myanmar is known. Burma is harsh and not easily understood. But Myanmar was my favourite land I went to last year, and that was part of the adventure that made me so much fond of the land - besides the nice and cultural attractions like Bagan and Inle Lake - that I really dear.

Nevertheless, it is still rewarding to see Yangon as an introductory tour of the remainder of the country, a more secluded and rugged account of what Myanmar is.

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