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What is News App

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Wall Street Journal kills its What's News app (but brings lesson to its flagship app) " Nieman Journalism Lab magazine

1 June 2017, 4:36 pm The Journal is the latest news organisation to create a portable first subsidiary app as a play area for the UI - and then refocus on the main app. Thursday edition of the Wall Street Journal said it turned off its stand-alone What's News Digest app - one of the few people who survived a time when top publishing houses launched top-of-the-line alternative wireless applications designed to reach different target groups and develop innovation that was more difficult to implement behind the outlet's main home screen ikon.

Journaling is in the midst of revising its core news application and is planning to bring the functions designed for What's News into the core application as the newspaper's first purely portable one. This app has a powerful theme with 10 selected news reports each (plus some opinions).

It' periodically refreshed every day of the week, brings together history in a fast synopsis, uses user-defined headings that are different from those on WSJ.com, and allows people to track them. The app was accessed as part of a journal subscriptions. Journals said the app has been download more than 110,000 copies and will be discontinued on June 30.

Before the app was launched, Matt Murray, Assistant Editor-in-Chief, said to my fellow journalist Shan Wang that the What's News app was the outcome of a concert action by the Journal's News desks to be the first to go on-the-go. Now, the journal includes these lectures in its core application as part of a major revision.

Speaking to the newspaper early this months before announcing its intention to close the What's News app, Phil Izzo, a traveling journalist, said she was looking for ideas for the What's News app when the journal was thinking about it.

The home screens of this breakfast in the WSJ application (left) and the What's News app. Currently, the Journal app's primary screen is just a headline and summary feedback stream. A priority of the journal in the redesign of the core application is to provide the reader with more information on the home screen. As before, the Washington Post still operates two independent portable applications (a "classic" app with the common news and one with a more user-friendly, forward-looking interface).

It still runs a few other stand-alone applications, such as the WSJ Live application (although not upgraded since 2015) and WSJ City, an application that has the same look and feel as What's News, but entirely covering London-based newscasts. As well as re-designing the core feeder to provide more agility, the Journal wants to personalize the app even more, says Jordan Sudy, the company' products manager.

But Izzo said that it is creating the basics by implementing better meta data through enhanced item-taging. For instance ) the journal now focuses on a more repetitive cognition that will see umpteen body part decremental happening, Izzo same.

Rejecting to give a time line when the journal would add more functions or when its present schedule would end.

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