What was the former name of Myanmar

Who was Myanmar's former name?

Myanma/Myanmar was extended to all citizens of the country, while the name Bama/Bamar was retained in its original meaning. The Union of Myanmar definition, a republic in Southeast Asia, on the Bay of Bengal. The name Myanmar used earlier is a reference to a crossword puzzle. Abad-Santos is a former author of The Wire. Burma was originally known as Burma, and that is still its official name.

The new Myanmar banner, name and hymn.

Myanmar is the Republic of Myanmar instead of the Union of Myanmar. In 1989, the army, which has reigned since a 1962 putsch, in English altered the country's name from Burma to Myanmar, a year after wide-spread protest against Burma's army government was suppressed, and a year before the last elections.

This was won by the prodemocracy leaders Aung San Suu Kyi's political group, but the army ignored the outcome. At the top the new banner has a horizonal ribbon of pale blue, in the centre it' s deep blue and at the bottom it' s reddish brown, with a little bit of a little bit of a little bitterness.

There' s no formal statement about what the colours or the asterisk are. We also received an order to burn the old flags," said an officer who refused to be located. Under the order, the old banner had to be hoisted by someone who was borne on a Tuesday and the new banner by someone who was borne on a Wednesday, he said.

Myanmar's mysterious army leaders, who will maintain supreme authority no matter victorious in the November 7 legislative elections, are widely regarded as advisors to astrogists. Dozens of passers-by followed the flag changing ceremonies in Yangon City Hall.

The Myanmar government removes more than 600 names from the official black list

Myanmar's administration removes the name of more than 600 civilians and aliens on an offical "no-entry" tab, as one of the 100-day civil administration's reforms when the nation moves to democratization, a civil servant said on Wednesday. He said the administration has so far taken the name of 619 people, 248 of them Myanmaris and 371 aliens, although he could not specify exactly how many more were on the initial scorecard.

He said that fifteen departments are working to remove blacklisted people. Thein Swe said Maung Maung Maung One, an American national and former member of the 88 Generation Students' Group who was involved in the 1988 protest against democratic rule, was struck off the agenda after talks with the Interior Ministry.

He said that the terrorist searches by the Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization) and those who have commited crime will not be taken away. Some 60 members of more than 40 civic organisations within Myanmar sent an open-ended letter to Aung San Suu Kyi on Monday calling for the publication of the blacklisted activists' identities, the Irrawaddy said on-line note.

It also called for the authorities to set policies to reestablish the exile's initial nationality and allow them to take part in Myanmar's democratic transformation, the document says. Aung San Suu Kyi's Foreign Ministry in May said it would allow those under former blacklisted leaders to go back to Myanmar.

For 50 years, the army jungle that governed the state until 2011, and the quasi-civilian regime that followed, had put the population on the blacklist of policy blacklists and forced tens of thousands upon thousands ofthe world' s leaders, disciples, students, former detainees and pro-democracy campaigners into exiles in East or South East Asia, the United States, Europe and Australia.

The government of former US Prime Minister Thein Sein in 2012 stripped about 2,000 of the black list, which then comprised about 6,000 people.

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