What to Wear in Myanmar in November

Things to wear in Myanmar in November

Burma is full of temples and pagodas that enforce a well observed dress code. Things to wear in Myanmar. The ultimate packing list. The FWF has seen a slow but steady increase in the number of factories in Myanmar from which FWF members come. Yangon's Shwedagon Pagoda is Myanmar's holiest religious monument.

The dry season in Yangon is from November to April.

Things to pack for Myanmar - A Guide for Girls

I was looking for packing hints and hints on the web before we started our 15-day journey to Myanmar. It' a little very, very confusing because the weather is powerful tropic (think 104 most nights we were there....YIKES!!!!!!), but the Burmese are extra-super-duper-conservative, so if you go around what I would consider a regular dress for 104° (a swimsuit?!???????!!! at least something near it...), you'll all stare.

You can' t keep your body cold without looking like you're running around in 104 degrees of temperature all the time or, more bad! First make sure that most (if not all) garments you pack are made of genuine fabrics such as wool. I' ve wrapped up a fistful of them and they rescued the whole Myanmar outbreak.

Though I have wrapped a few short and shirtless jackets, I have kept them for my coming years in Thailand and Vietnam, as it never felt appropriate to show so much film. And at the end of the morning, whether you are dressed in a Maxirock or a swimsuit, 104 degrees is 104 degrees high.

You' re only gonna get trapped when you're warm. Fortunately you are on a pagoda and in horse-drawn carriages, so WHO CARES? I' ve been packing for 15 in Myanmar: Here are some of the dresses (or similar) I picked up for our trip: After all, for me, footwear is always the most difficult to grab.

Which boots fit my clothing, last for a few days and (most importantly) wear me by mile + mile + mile on foot? As Jeffrey threw a couple of watertight boots in his briefcase, I was packing couple after couple because, hey, a gal can never have enough boots, right?

Look at the boots I grabbed (and wish I had grabbed them): I changed the top of my shopping cart slightly to things I wish I had..... like better footwear! and blue-green trainers just didn't look great - would you believe that?

I added a slip-on jeans item because I was shopping for her in Myanmar and I couldn't find her (again, would you believe it?!). I' ve got gumboots I can wear on wet weather conditions. We had 2 wet evenings during our two month stay. The first one came the eighth day after I told Jeffrey what a squandering of room my wellies were.

At the end of the drought we were there, so it hardly ever started to rainstorm, but on the rainy day I was happy to have watertight boots, even if they took up a lot of room.

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