What to Wear in Myanmar in February

Things to wear in Myanmar in February

Wondering what to wear in Myanmar, Burma? The Burmese regarded wearing "traditional" clothing as a mode of passive resistance. Apply insect repellent and dress modestly. Use long-sleeved shirts, long trousers and hats to cover exposed skin. Men as well as women still wear Myanmar's national costume: a Lungyi (long wrap skirt) and Pinni (above).

Things you should be wearing in Myanmar

I am going on my first journey to Myanmar, and although it is probably a stupid issue, I was not sure what kind of clothing to bring. Are you okay wearing short pants in Myanmar? But is it okay for daily life to carry short or top that do not touch the buttocks?

Waistcoats and trousers are suitable for daily use. Get some Longyi and some typical women's burmesian beanies. you are then always sufficiently clothed. carry what looks good on you...though i've seen Burma folks in short circuits at the sh schwedagon pit stop too, but would be a good notion how that wouldn't be irreverent. don't you see what's good about carrying longyis, doesn't have any pockets, doesn't look good and is likely to slip down constantly...and what are Burmese upsides?

In many places, especially in Golden Rock and Shwedagon, you will find labels with the right outfit. If you come to Bagan, Inle etc. between November and February, what the above placard says about your hot clothes is right and brings one or two layers of it. "Guys shouldn't dress in any place but the beaches or at home" why? maybe next I should tell all Burmese folks who are in short? why? maybe next I should tell all Burmese folks who are in short?

Are they all in short trousers at sight-seeing or in the shrines?

Reasonable clothing - Myanmar Message Board

Now I saw some tourist dressed in tight trousers, tight fuel tanks and a man who wasn't in a shirt - in my mind it's tasteless, but the Myanmar population is very friendly and probably wouldn't say anything. Men are okay with T-shirts and I think it's okay to have longer trousers because I've seen a few locals in Bagan and Yangon who wore trousers and not longyi (rarely, but I've seen that, especially with some of the younger men).

Trousers would have been a little intolerable if they weren't light, but if you could get a couple of masculine capri, that could work best, or longer panty.

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