What to Wear in Myanmar in February

Things to wear in Myanmar in February

Are you wondering what to wear in Myanmar (Burma)? Be sure to find out exactly what kind of clothing you need to bring! Yangon, as it lies on the coast, can be both humid and hot. Shan Highlands, Inle Lake and Kalaw temperatures can drop to zero in the cooler seasons (November, December, January, February and March), so warm clothing is recommended, such as a fleece, cotton or light wool sweater or cardigan. Things to pack for a trip to Myanmar:

Things to wear in Myanmar

We only provide links to those items and service that we use or rely on. When you are on your way to Myanmar, there is a good chance that you will also visit other South East Asia locations. Whereas I have never been one of those chicks who have managed to look nice while travelling, over the years, I have managed manage to create a reliable pod cloakroom that I can turn subject to where I go.

Which clothes in Myanmar? Myanmar, as most of you know, is a land made up mainly of Buddhists, so it is very important to dress in conservative clothing. So, if you are travelling in Myanmar but are not sure what to take, here is a fairly comprehensive listing of things you need to take with you on your itinerary.

In general, I think it is important to have light, breathing clothing, no matter what kind of tropics it is, no matter what year. When you' re not travelling full-time or on the move, I'd limit half the electronic you take with you to the essentials and bring a cam, headset and a tray to read.

There are a few important things to consider when travelling, apart from what to wear in Myanmar. Myanmar is generally the best place to come for a trip from October to February, so you can get out of both the sun and rainy weather. We' ve put together the best accommodation in Myanmar, with the best guesthouses and accommodation in every major city.

The Flymya boys are our travel agents when we're in Myanmar. We only provide links to those items and service that we use or rely on.

Packlist + What to wear in Myanmar!

Packlist + What to wear in Myanmar! Hopefully you are ready to explore Myanmar before the tourist industry changes it too much, as it should be for favourite tourist attractions. I was particularly worried about what to bring and what to wear before I left for Myanmar (Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake) in September 2016.

Here is what you should take with you on your forthcoming journey to Myanmar! You know what to wear in Myanmar? All the natives wear what looks like'long skirts', except that it is named a "Longyi" (Legal Nomads has a great story about the Longyi). Apart from the fact that the lower part is very pronounced, the people of Burma are often in conservative clothing.

On my brief journey from a few overnight stays in Myanmar through different states, I only came across two Myanmar women in Yangon dressed in breeches once. It' may be too much to ask that you stick with the locals' clothes - all you have to do is think of their conservatives and wear even humble clothes.

Here you can find a short description of what Myanmar needs to do! Despite the hot weather, the natives are everywhere in conservative clothing. Sometimes I am cheating by carrying Uniqlo Airism sleeveless shirts in our vehicle, then I am covering my shoulder with the next object down when I get out of the vehicle. When you' re planning to wear the sleeves of your vehicle, you can quickly pull a shawl over your shoulder before jumping off.

I' m generally a little uneasy (too much care when we've been standing up for wearin' sleveless outdoors), so my shawl is always on. You need to take off your boots and stockings before going into your temple, so slippers/flip-flops are your perfect shoe shape in Myanmar.

Bagan in particular can be a very "rough" place with unpaved streets and sidewalks; you really don't want to sit on the floor and try to put on your trainers for every church you go to and get your trousers dirty in the end. Carry a slipper that is easy to remove and put back on.

So I switched between a more beautiful set of Yangon leotards (in a restaurant for dinner) and other states! Please have a small pocket in which you can store your footwear if you need it. Shwedagon Temple in Yangon, for example, is gigantic and has different entrances/exits, so it would be wise to put your boots in a pocket and wear them with you, then you can leave another entrance if you want.

When you change currencies in Myanmar, your dollar bills must be in near mint condition - as good and crunchy as NEW. For some of the rides they accepted payments in US dollars, like the Bagan Viewing Tower, the entry fee was in US dollars (we were paying $5/tourist, now it's $10 (source)). Don't be afraid, the natives will take silk wrappers and wash the dishes and tools before using them.

There are no drugstores in Bagan and Nyaung Shwe. Power outages often occur in Myanmar, even in Yangon. It can also be used to see the mural paintings in the Bagan Temple of Dub. When you want to hunt down the sunrise in Bagan, a real torch light will help you light up the city.

Overnight at La Maison Birmine Hotel in Nyaung Shwe (Inle Lake). Fortunately it was a cold day during our sojourn so we didn't notice the warm. If your coat is shallow after long coach trips or for the summer. Myanmar hotels can be quite simple! Fun Facts: Myanmar is larger than France.

Myanmar has internal airlines, trains and buses. While I was in Myanmar, we took trainers from state to state. Traveling is often over night, as my buses were from Yangon to Bagan, Bagan to Inle Lake (Nyaung Shwe) and then back to Yangon.

Carriage tours in Myanmar are known to make coachmen play over night louder tunes (maybe to stay awake?). Luckily my boyfriend has succeeded in booking us to take a calm coach ride. Because of the cold, and because you can take off your boots without your legs touching the ground. Streets can be very rough, especially from Bagan to Inle Lake (Nyaung Shwe).

Have I missed something you should have packed for Myanmar? More articles about Myanmar!

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