What to Wear in Myanmar in December

Things to wear in Myanmar in December

Things to pack for your trip to Myanmar. Comfortable flat shoes to wear when participating in outdoor activities. Sights in Myanmar in December. However, once you land in Myanmar, most likely in Mandalay or Yangon, you have a variety of ways to reach Bagan. Do not wear revealing clothing if you do not want to attract unwanted attention.

All the stuff I packed: Burma in Winter

In Myanmar I stayed 11 nights on board Avalon River Cruises' Avalon Myanmar in December. Heated in Yangon, where I stayed three nights. In the morning cool and during the afternoon warm on the Irrawaddy River between Bhamo and Bagan. Move your mouse over the points below to get detailled information about what I wrap.

If you see the Thinglink symbol on a picture (bottom right), you can move your cursor over it to interactively use it. That' the only times I've ever had to buy a completely different outfit for a journey. In this season of the year, I wanted to feel at ease in the weather (which varied from cold in the morning and warm in the morning along the Irrawaddy River in the north to almost always warm in the capitol Yangon).

Colours are very important in this predominantly Buddhistic land, so I chose bright materials that were lightweight enough to be at ease on warm mornings. As I usually wore dark, grey, brown and many denims in my everyday routine, this was a logistic challange. While I didn't want to pay much for clothing I probably wouldn't be wearing at home, I wanted to be respectable from a cultural point of view while travelling in Myanmar.

But I also needed modest clothes - no petrol tanks or dresses with one foot on - which means I couldn't use my normal warm-white cabinet. I wanted something that would fit in with different temperature conditions (cold air, heated airport, etc.) and that would be convenient enough for a range of night-trips ( "two nights in a row on the plane on the way back").

For footwear I selected two couples that are easy to walk, breathe and keep my foot from uneven floor. TROUSHIONS were useful, but they ran great, so I had to lift them up a great deal and they weren't as complimentary as they might have been in a size commensurate.

As I was travelling with objects, most of which were not part of my normal clothes, I did not completely felt at home in my clothes during the sojourn. Wish I had some more things I really wanted to wear instead of just choosing to wear it inexpensively and practically. I' ve seen a bunch of folks wear something dark, so I could probably have gotten away with some of my default favourites.

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