What to Wear in Myanmar 2016

Clothing in Myanmar 2016

And, according to a local guide, even closer to 97% in 2015. THREE A FLASHLIGHT OR A HEADLAMP. For various reasons, a small and bright torch is an indispensable piece of Myanmar luggage. I wore a very light cotton shirt with light khaki trousers to visit the temple. Men's pack for Myanmar: He packed - khakis and collar shirts (light linen and cotton).

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Do you need advice on what to wear elsewhere? Wonder what to wear in Myanmar (Burma)? Be sure to find out exactly what kind of clothing you need to wear! We report about Bagan, Inle Lake, Yangon and Mandalay as well as some useful travelling hints! In March I stayed two week in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), where I went to visit the lovely Bagan, Inle Lake, Yangon and Mandalay.

An unbelievably varied land is a must for anyone travelling through Southeast Asia; it is rapidly developing into another pail listing land such as Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Myanmar is still considered a secret gem when it comes to travelling to Southeast Asia, and although it is now (until 2015) very well equipped for tourists, it is not overcrowded with flocks of travellers like its neighbouring states.

According to the tour description of this tour guidebook, we went from Bangkok to Yangon, travelled over land through the different tourist places and then flown from Mandalay back to Bangkok. Travelling on my own was simple and coaches were usually convenient. In contrast to information available on-line before 2015, it is no longer hard to go alone.

So if you are considering visiting this amazing place, here is a listing of what to wear in Myanmar: I began my adventures in Yangon, Myanmar's biggest town, known for some of the best dishes in the land and most of all for the Swedagon Paya, a buddhistic monarch. It is relatively simple to move around Yangon - you can either hop in a cab or go on foot.

A stroll through the town is a good way to discover the town; there is a wonderful garden in Lake Kandawgyi, which you should definitely do. Wrap a set of comfortably slippers so you can run for a few long hours without getting weary. Tip: Yangon and other areas of Myanmar are extremly warm and wet.

Lake Inle is an amazing part of Myanmar. Biking and boating are great touristic temptations in Inle Lake; if you want to join in, please take along your sandal and clothes like short and T-shirt, so you can get in and out comfortably.

Don't miss Inle Lake! It' s stunning and the route around the pond is a must. While there may be one or two "tourist" exclusions on the journey, stop by to savour the beauties of the quiet lakeside lifestyle before it really becomes a tourist-only show.

When you want to go on a walk to Kalaw, a good set of walking shoes and lots of fresh air is a must. Ile also gets a lot of precipitation, so wrap a raincover for the rainstorm. You' ll also need a lot of sunscreen, as you'll get a sun burn in the centre of the area.

From Yangon to Inle Lake, the best way is by public transport, which lasts about 12h. Through our lodging we reserved a shuttle and it was unexpectedly convenient - there were even films! Myanmar's city of temples is one of the country's most visited tourism destinations.

By August 2016, a major quake struck a human being and destroyed many of Bagan's churches, but (to our knowledge) trips to the area were not affected and travellers continued to enter Myanmar. Like Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Bagan has a number of tourist visiting churches.

If you are planning what to wear in Myanmar (or other parts of Southeast Asia), you should always wear respectful clothing when you visit places of worship and small cities and cover your buttocks. Bagan streets are powdery and bumpy, so wrap your sandal comfortably and safely to find your way around.

One of my greatest advices for Bagan is a spotlight or a small flashlight. andalay is a very bustling and hectic town. It is known to travellers as a traffic junction and a place to visit the Mandalay Hill and Royal Palace. So we took a ferry instead of a coach from Bagan to Mandalay and that was a great time!

In fact, we almost didn't make it because, as with the Bagan ballooning, the cruising options are not available all year round. When you visit places of worship, it is important to wear conservative clothing and cover your knee and shoulder. For the exploration of the town, however, a few normal trousers and a tea are ideal for the heats.

If you do not visit places of worship, do not wear clothes that are too enlightening. Burma is not as touristic as other parts of Southeast Asia, and you can get a great deal of local interest. Would you like to know more about what to wear in Myanmar? So what are your advice on what to wear in Myanmar?

Further packaging hints for Southeast Asia can be found here: Recommended travel resources: Hoping you enjoyed this article about clothing in Myanmar. Anja Jarvis is relatively new to the travel scene and has just finished a five-month trip through Southeast Asia, India and the USA.

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