What to Wear in Myanmar 2015

Clothing in Myanmar 2015

However, it is standard procedure for all OR personnel to wear flip-flops. The first time we landed in Myanmar, I jumped on it. Each nation has its own traditional dress. Let's say it's kimono from Japan, saree from India. Which is why I'm wearing it, even if it makes me leave the UEC.

Nats Travel - What to carry in Bagan

There is a clothing policy and it is conservation. They should spend the days looking at the temple and the pagoda and dressing accordingly! Yeah, yeah, it's so scorching I can feel you moaning, well, you're a man showing a little bit of respect. No. Girl, you can carry anything you want when you travel around the city, but when you get to the places of worship, you must hide.

Flip-flops is the best way to put on shoes, because you have to put them on and off a little if you want to enter some temple. It is very important to know what to carry when you visit Bagan, the churches and palagodas here are holy to the folk who live around them and carrying the bad is as good as spit.

Speaking of disrespectfully, those camerabuttons climbing all over the whole shrine or the pit to reach the best vantage point without worrying about breaking down the thousand-year-old wall, have really driven many of us crazy `Let's just have a beautiful sunrise'.

You' ve got specific mittens, lentils that are longer than my wrist and seldom even lean back and look and savour what they're photographing, just click. Decelerate the buttons on the cameras, get behind the objective and look into reality, enjoying the moments, it's amazing.

There is nothing like the sensation of seeing the sun rise over a hundred coupons as a balloon passes by gradually, his dreams as and for sure takes a good picture, but don't let it eat you up. The Bagan is a place for emotion, where a history and a written memento can be as valuable as a photograph to look back on.

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