What to Wear in Myanmar

Things to wear in Myanmar

Are you wondering what to wear in Myanmar (Burma)? Be sure to find out exactly what kind of clothing you need to bring! You know what to wear in Myanmar? Except you are planning a luxury cruise along one of the rivers of the country, it is unlikely that you need to wear anything formal or imaginative. The people of Myanmar do not really wear revealing clothes or shorts, while Central Myanmar (Burma) can be warm all year round.

Things to wear in Myanmar

We only provide links to those items and service that we use or rely on. When you are on your way to Myanmar, there is a good chance that you will also visit other South East Asia locations. Whereas I have never been one of those chicks who have managed to look nice while travelling, over the years, I have managed manage to create a reliable pod cloakroom that I can turn subject to where I go.

Which clothes in Myanmar? Myanmar, as most of you know, is a land made up mainly of Buddhists, so it is very important to dress in conservative clothing. So, if you are travelling in Myanmar but are not sure what to take, here is a fairly comprehensive listing of things you need to take with you on your itinerary.

In general, I think it is important to have light, breathing clothing, no matter what kind of tropics it is, no matter what year. When you' re not travelling full-time or on the move, I'd limit half the electronic you take with you to the essentials and bring a cam, headset and a tray to read.

There are a few important things to consider when travelling, apart from what to wear in Myanmar. Myanmar is generally the best place to come for a trip from October to February, so you can get out of both the sun and rainy weather. We' ve put together the best accommodation in Myanmar, with the best guesthouses and accommodation in every major city.

The Flymya boys are our travel agents when we're in Myanmar. We only provide links to those items and service that we use or rely on.

Things to wear in Myanmar

Which clothing should I wear when I visit Myanmar? I spent most of my life wearing my baggies, my chute shorts, my pair of shorts. Maybe not the best, but definitely the most convenient and thin fabric will keep you cold in the outdoors. The most important thing when you're on the move when it' tires!

In Myanmar I used to wear my familiar shawl a great deal too. It is such a thin fabric and is perfectly suited to conceal the shoulder when walking on places of worship. Most of the times Nathan got away with a T-shirt and a pair of pants (apart from when we went to the temples), but when the rays really shine down on you, it's actually better to keep you covered, Nathan was in a thin long-sleeved top and lightweight long-sleeved pants, which he said was a good way to deal with the warmth and the suntan!

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