What to Visit in Yangon

Things to visit in Yangon

They are pagodas that you can avoid, but in general you can't enter - because there is no entrance. The Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon is a good example of a stupa. We are told that no visit to Myanmar is complete without a trip to Shwedagon Pagoda. Visiting Yangon (Rangoon) in Burma brings wanderlust as the bustling city overwhelms the senses and the friendly locals share their city. It is the best time to visit Yangon, with the best conditions overall.

In Yangon 10 activities

The Yangon is today a favourite destination for shoppers and buddhistic pilgrims thanks to the huge improvement of the country's infrastructures through an investment of moneys. There is no better place to go and we are here to help! Here are 10 things to do in Yangon.

Situated in the Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda, the most famous Buddha sanctuary in the Bahan Islands citieship, this huge 65 metre long Buddha will take you there for a 3 taxi journey. Yangon cannot be visited without visiting this 105 metre high, 2500 year old sanctuary.

This is one of the most holy Buddhist places in the worid, decorated with 27 tonnes of the Gautama Buddha's eight hair and many other important relicts. Lovers of Burma's historical heritage will not want to miss this five-story artefact, artwork and treasure collection on the riches of Burma's civilisation past and present.

Observers and the countryside provide a good view of the everyday life of the Myanmar but there is also a handy feature as it will stop at many of the city's main sight. You will also find a barrel of jewellery and apparel stores as well as grocery stands and even a money exchange shop.

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While Myanmar has had some problems in the past, the state has been recovering in recent years and is opening up to globalization and the opportunity for doing good overland. Yangon, the biggest town and former capitol of Myanmar, is anything but unglamorous. Yangon's tourist industries have grown by leaps forward as a result of its progressive development, and what fascinates the inhabitants of this delightful town is its capacity to preserve most of its authenticity.

So, for those who are considering to explore Myanmar for its wealthy civilization, here are 9 good places to be. Much of Yangon consists of well-preserved old English settlement houses that make up an important part of its population. Whilst the building may have disappeared from its former splendour, many now provide a nice backdrop for travellers to take pictures.

Several of the colonial-style houses are the Yangon City Hall, the High Court Building and the Sofaer's Building. For a better insight into how the natives live their daily life, please check out the regional market. The Bogyoke Market is one of the best known in Yangon.

It used to be a monopoly where money is exchanged, but today it is a giant supermarket selling jewellery, gifts and groceries. One only really gets to know a place when one has tried his meal. Take a chair and squash with the natives at their street stands to enjoy an unforgettable time.

The most interesting dishes are Burma's famous bread sticks egg-kaya, coh puro (sticky bread cake barbecued on charcoal), samosalad, quailsnack snacks (mont lin ma yar) and various kinds of curries. It is home to some of the oldest standings of Myanmar's marquees and it would be a disgrace to miss them on your route.

Shwedagon, Botataung and Sule are the more well-known Yangon races. Yangon's biggest sea is the place where many local people spend their leisure time. Inya is a favourite meeting place for pairs strolling along the sidewalk around the lakes. In the evenings you can also enjoy a meal in one of the many lakeside bars and bars.

Yangon's Chinatown or Tayote Tan is one of the liveliest places in the town, stretching along roads 18 to 24. Attend the overnight markets, where you can find herbal remedies, medication, snack bars and interesting snack bars. Beside the fair there are also some ancient China churches like the Kheng Hock Keong Temple and the Guang Dong Guan Yin Temple.

Schedule your trip at certain hours of the year so you can participate in the funny festivities of several thrilling annuals.

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