What to Visit in Myanmar

Things to visit in Myanmar

Myanmar best times to see - Myanmar Forum Somebody tell me the best month to come to Myanmar? We' re going to Myanmar in November. We welcome your experiences and proposals during the best hours! Nov-February are certainly the coldest month of the year, a trip during these seasons makes it much more tolerable to see the sights.

It is also high seasons, so many more visitors await you at almost all the places you see. It has not rained this year, apart from a few in the countryside, the temperatures have been at least a few wks in the 1940s. Tourist numbers during this monthly are minimum & rates are at their lowst, so if you want the visions to yourself & store a few bucks, these are the months you want to attend in.

Been in Myanmar most of February. Lancasterlad, we had this worry when we went to see Luang Prabang. In Myanmar, is this a particularly serious or persistent issue during certain periods? Some years ago we went to LP and the smoking seasons just ended. When I ask the question: "When is the best moment to go?

" When is the best moment to see this land at its best and with the least number of people? "I was in Cambodia at the end of the high summer and made some good acquaintances there - who said to come back in June/July because everything is nice and clean, hardly any visitors and lower rates - that it rained for about an hours in the afternoons and then it was ready.

With this in mind, when is a good moment for a trip? Myanmar's best season to come is October, the classic celebration of lightening. We' re even having a grocery show this months along the road in China City ('Downown Area' ) where there's plenty of eating everywhere it's really been. It's really great to spend the whole nigh.

You can also take part in the April-Waterfestival. It is a good opportunity to enjoy the tradition of the Wasserfest. The audience is entertained by all the VIPs and all the participants are delighted and thrilled about the event. In November, the country's largest light fair, the Taunggyi Balloon Festivals (Tazaungdaing), takes place.

This year from November 15 to 21, it is undoubtedly the most lively event on Myanmar's calendar. At Taunggyi itself it is a great mood at this hour, folks from all over the land will make the journey to make this one. It is certainly a worthwhile undertaking.

Kyaiktiyo Feast, from the end of November to the beginning of January, is a worthwhile destination for tens of thousand travellers on pilgrimages to the Golden Rock. Thank you for talking to the folks at the Orchid Chinatown Dance Arts Council about barbecuing on 19 St all last night, that' s good for me!

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