What to Visit in Myanmar

Things to visit in Myanmar

Though cheap flights from Bangkok to Mandalay are now available, most people begin their visit to Yangon (Rangoon). Myanmar (Burma) is a former capital. Discover Myanmar and discover the best time and places to visit. Against this background we were delighted to hear from Bennett Stevens of Luminous Journeys from Myanmar. A visit to Myanmar means legitimizing the government.

When you read the UK government website about travel tips, it sounds pretty bad.

You have 16 good reason to come to Burma

There' s a convent in Bago where a huge Myanmar pithon is in a room because it is thought to be the incarnation of a friar. Others can take you into a room and offer a sacrifice with a flaring tab, which they will apparently do.

Southeast Asia is known for its friars. So if you've always wanted to take a hot-air trip, a dawn trip over the 200 or so Buddhist monasteries that puncture the Bagan plain is probably as atmospherical as possible. Four persons in a cart (you can add $60 for one ballon for two).

Irrawaddy is one of the most mysterious river in the whole wide globe, and cruising with historical river boats in hard water provides an extra ambience. In Bago you can see the biggest lying Buddha sculpture in the whole wide area. Taunggyi Hot Air Balloon Festival will take place from 20 to 25 November around the city. When you have ever asked yourself what the creme spread on the cheek of the native Burmese is, then it is an awesome shape of sunscreen, made of gel made from the rind of the Thanakha trees.

Tourist can now see them from Monywa on board a boat. Myanmar's indigenous brew is inexpensive - around 30 pence - and very sipable. They drink it in "beer stations", which can be found everywhere because they have the brand of beers out.

You can visit it with a Mandalay tour leader. Native friars are often very interested in practicing their English as they do. The spacious, tranquil Inle Lake is surrounded by stilted communities where the fishermen are rowing with their toes.

Myanmar for six good causes

Magic Myanmar (Burma) has so many different attractions for the adventurous traveler, from the temperates and palagodas across the land to the secluded trunks, streams and treks that exist in its infinite variety of scenery. Beneath our Southeast Asia expert Nathan, he emphasizes his favorite places to visit in Myanmar:

The few fortunate ones who come to the Mergui Archipelago will be surprised by the island's natural beauties and the breathtaking blue waters. It is a place to be visited earlier rather than later, without a doubt. There' s a luxurious glamouring residence due to open next year and we are offering a fabulous trip through southern Burma and the isles of the Andaman sea to this breathtaking part of Myanmar.

Like in all Asiatic lands Myanmar likes a big event and has some astonishing possibilities. A favourite of ours are the regattas that take place on the last but one days of the Phaung Daw U Pagoda International Pagoda Lake Festivals - the only one of its kind in the inle!

A number of other great festivals are to visit, such as the Tazaungdaing Festival of Lights, which takes place at the end of the wet seasons, and the Taunggyi Hot Air Balloon Festival (above), which lets literally a hundred hot air balloons enter the dark skies to fend off nasty souls. There' s a plethora of intriguing secluded towns throughout Myanmar and the fearless traveler can mount the country's highest peak, Mount Victoria.

Or trek to the mountain people's village or hike near Kalaw and stay in nearby convents - it's a good idea to put on your hiking shoes! Several years ago, when the Travel Photography of the Year Awards were presented, it seemed as if every other picture of Myanmar - and for good reason.

Bagan Sanctuaries at dawn and dusk are just breathtaking and even most beginners can take good pictures. It is my top tip for Bagan to leave at the end of March/beginning of April, because then the dusty values provide a beautiful, misty sundown. Myanmar has a great variety of outdoor pursuits for everyone to enjoy.

Some of the high points of the tour are: culture excursions on the edge of Yangon to experience the true urban lifestyle, a ride by rail over a bridge, biking between shrines, village treks, canoeing on Inle Lake, a trip on the Irrawaddy, relaxation on breathtaking shores and a hot-air ballon ride over Bagan with a drink of bubbly wine at dawn (above).

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