What to Visit in Myanmar

Things to visit in Myanmar

Together with Thailand and Laos, Burma is one of the jewels of Southeast Asia. Visiting Myanmar is like turning back the clock. Top 10 things you should know before your visit to Myanmar

Known better as Burma, Myanmar was re-named in 1989 by the reigning armyjunta, as were many of the country's major urban centres, with Yangon now being Yangon. However, to make things a little confusing, the expression is still "Burmese"; as in the Myanmar folk, in the Myanmar dialect and in its cuisine.

The tourist sector in Myanmar is relatively new, which means that communicating and grasping the often evolving rules of airlines can sometimes be a battle for independents. Organizing a guidebook that will help you with translation and give you an idea of the situation in the area is of course one of the best choices you can make.... after you have decided to visit Myanmar.

Because Myanmar is in the tropical, it can be warm and vaporous at best, so long, light clothes are perfect to keep you out of the heat and annoying mosquitos. Considering that over 85 per cent of the people are Buddhists, it is tasty to keep your feet and your feet down.

It is indispensable for visits to cloisters, convents and cloisters. You need a touristic visas to get to Myanmar, but the new e-visa system makes it simpler than ever. Don't overlook the fact that you will need a copy of your application when you arrive and leave Myanmar. Myanmar's web is still in the process of developing and links can be very sluggish, so be patient when you upload your latest boasts to Instagram.

Travelers do not come to Myanmar to drink and celebrate - there is so much more to see and do than that. Burma is known for its gemstones, especially ruby and jet, but there are many imitations. Here, the local dialect is Myanmar, of which over 80 different languages are used.

You will notice in towns and villages that many locals talk some English, but as in most overseas locations, it is always valued when travelers at least try to use even a little bit of your in-game expression. It is therefore better to take along the money from an ATM at the Aiport.

Please note that Traveller's Cheques cannot currently be used throughout Myanmar.

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