What to Visit in Burma

Things to visit in Burma

Begin the morning early, because you should not miss the sunrises in Bagan. On the itinerary, it is still too early to visit Myanmar. Myanmar is about to have a minute - you have to see it before it does...


Freed from the shackles of the Western era, a trip to Burma is like a step back in history - into a devoid of cell phone, supermarket s and ATMs - into a profoundly spiritually and traditionally oriented community that is just opening up to the outside world. Here's what you'll find. What is the best period to come to Burma?

Until the end of March the temperature in Burma can rise above 40°C and the air moisture can make travelling quite strenuous. Even better, try to plan your vacation in Burma with a full moon and experience the spectacle of the streets and festivals. While Burma continues to develop, some policy pressures remain due to the enormous changes of state.

5 top 5 good places to go to Myanmar | Burma

It is called the land of the Golden Pagodas, for Burma is littered with the most spectecular gold-plated pagodas. You might as well call it the land of smiling people, the land of astonishing sunsets or the land of tasty noodles.

Myanmar is all that and more! Burma has so many things to offer as a great vacation spot with something for everyone - cultural, scenic and adventurous. These are our top 5 motives for visiting Burma: 1. We' ve alluded to the gold palagodas that adorn the countryside, but this magic lands is also without its ornament.

If that wasn't enough, Burma has the most dramatic sunsets and rises. Burma's audiences will be amazed at how good-natured, kind and joyful the Myanmar population is. Wearing typical Myanmar clothes, a colorful interwoven cashmere known as the lunggyi, the ladies and kids are often smeared with thinaka, a cosmetical cream put on the face and ankles.

Half a million Burma Buddha religious in their chestnut brown garments and in all age groups are an everyday occurrence. You will be welcomed with a laugh by the Myanmar community in the market, on the roads, in the countryside and at the temple. There' so much to see in Burma that a vacation is never long enough to take it all with you.

Secluded traditional village with its cabins and ox cart, where visitors can see traditional trades and stroll through rice terraces.... The busy inner city of Yangon, where new industrial skyscrapers and offices connect with the Fin de Siecle architectural style of charming old settlement monuments.... Bagan, where 2200 11th to13th century churches and couches are spread across the plain.... Inle See, where the locals are living in the heart of the city...

Light, colorful, busy festivities characterize the year and are a part of Burma's lifestyle. There are many festivities for the visitor from the Shwedagon Pagoda Feast to Thingyan (water), Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Feast to Thidingyut (Festival of Lights) and the Taunggyi Balloon Fest. Burma's great variety of ethnical minority groups has helped create a diverse and exhilarating cuisines.

Myanmar cuisine was also affected by its neighbors Thailand, India and China, and as with most dishes in South East Asia, there should be a equilibrium between the four main tastes of acid, salt, spicy und sourness. Burma had to build a new relation to the rest of the planet after centuries of repression and globalisation.

Things in the Burmese countryside are still undergoing rapid change, but visitors are still getting a true glimpse of Burma's rich cultural and cultural legacy. While the company is moving into the years ahead and the travel sector is continuing its unparalleled growth, it will be interesting how Burma manages the move to an important travel destinations - not to speak of a global actor.

We can only pray that the land of golden pagodas, smileers, astonishing sunsets and tasty pasta will remain intact.

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