What to take to Myanmar

Things to take with you to Myanmar

This is required, for example, if you are hiking in the Kalaw region. It is very important to hide when visiting temples. Ensure that your shoes are comfortable, durable and easy to clean (they become very dusty), especially in extreme heat. Sturdy sandals are a good choice, and depending on the length of the trip a small manicure set to make the toes look fresh. You will find Niki's first choice for the best travel sandals!

Toiletries and medicines for Myanmar

Burma has undergone rapid change in recent years since the emergence of large-scale tourist flows. As the land develops quickly, it is important to keep in mind that everything you might be expecting at home is often not available in Myanmar. Wrap up accordingly and you can enjoy a stress-free journey. A well assorted toiletry pouch will make your journey much more convenient and pleasant.

Keep in mind that Myanmar is a low-income nation and its hospitals do not meet the requirements of the West. Make sure you have appropriate health and safety policies to insure you. Sun cream: an absolutely must, make sure you generously spread the sun cream on all areas of your sun exposure, not just your face.

Gnat stings can increase itching and reduce the pleasure of traveling - it is definitely a good idea to take the necessary amount of inconvenience. One of these smart travelling Gizmo, a fast test cloth can be folded into a small, easy to pack bag and serves as a cover, cushion and many other applications at the same as well.

Toiletpaper: Toiletpaper is not used everywhere in Myanmar (the natives like chewing food, a stream of chewing rubber with which you can wash yourself like a bidet). So if you want the comfort of home, you can take your bathroom tissue with you wherever you go with this brilliant invention.

Cushion:: When you plan a trip by coach through Myanmar, you will need one to try to get some shuteye. When you are on a long hike through Myanmar (see our 1 and 2 weeks Myanmar itineraries for suggestions on where you can waste your time), a rucksack is a must.

There are three distinct periods in Myanmar - warm, humid and warm. Yangon Airport will provide Myanmar SIMs upon your check-in. Myanmar has come a long way in the last ten years, but it is still slowly and unreliably for the West. Do you have hard copy of your airline ticket, your reservation and so on?

Use a Myanmar travel guide to get tickets in case your telephone line fails, so you don't get totally wasted. NOTE: You MUST obtain a Myanmar Visas on-line before flying to Myanmar. Refer to the Myanmar Visas page. For Myanmar, you can obtain a Myanmar personal visas at the Myanmar Mission in Bangkok.

Make sure you have all the necessary immunizations at least six months before your trip. Be sure you have traveller's liability cover. Myanmar's healthcare system does not meet West European norms and you will want to be removed to major hospitals in the event of serious injury. Skyscanner offers the lowest fares to Myanmar for your trip data, comparing the rates and times of several carriers, so you can find the best and most comfortable.

Booking your Myanmar lodging with Booking.com - make sure you get at least your first overnight stay in Yangon in advance, as there is often a lack of rooms in the high seasons and the rates can be high. Make sure your Myanmar debit card is approved by your local banking authority so that it is not blocked.

Both Visa and MasterCard are acceptable, but are willing to do so. Use your mobile to take pictures of your passwords and your payment card and save them in an e-mail Gmail or Gmail accounts. Begin your Myanmar journey now! Skyscanner offers you the best deals on Myanmar airport tickets - a single query shows you the rates and timetables of many airline companies for your itinerary.

Obtain Myanmar trip coverage from Myanmar Nomads - make sure you are insured to safeguard your healthcare and property. With 12Go, you can quickly and simply take out your Myanmar coach and home air ticket reservations on-line - an easy-to-use website where you can view schedules and buy them: 12Go:

On our Myanmar Routes you will find out where to go and what to do: Discover our Myanmar travel guide to other Myanmar travel locations.

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