What to take to Myanmar

Things to take with you to Myanmar

You need an unlocked, GSM-capable telephone to take advantage of the benefits. Burma is a timeless land of beauty and Buddhas that will literally take your breath away. Consider this in your travel planning. When you have special needs such as diabetes or asthma, you should plan carefully what you should bring with you. As there are few ATMs in Myanmar, visitors have to bring a lot of money.

Myanmar (Burma) 20 Travel Advice

Every timetable is different, but if you can, try to stay in Myanmar every 28th day of your assigned Visa. Traveling in Myanmar is always an adventurous experience, and your travel there is often more about the voyage than the end. Please agree that there will be overseas rates and then there will be domestic rates.

Negotiating usually doesn't work because there is a fixed alien price and a fixed landlord rate, especially for religious houses and administrative centers. MANUALS: Travellers often cling to the Lonely Planet as if it were the Holy Grail, but the less you are dependent on it, the more you will ask the locals how to get around, what to see, what to consume, and so on.

A lot of folk are very good in English and like to talk to the tourist. Myanmar's slogan, and you will see it on signage everywhere, is: "Welcome and take good charge of the sights. "Many Burmese take this to heart and you will have the feeling that they want to make sure they are doing well everywhere.

The WIFI is available in some inns and cafés, but in general the web is very clam. Check out some of the more pricey properties, such as'The Strand' in Yangon for the quickest WIFI in Myanmar! SUNRISESES: When you travel the countryside by coach, you will see more sunrise in Myanmar that will last a whole year.

From May to October it is raining with strong rainfall in the afternoons and in the evening - take a raincoat! From November to February, the winter is the dryest period (and probably the best period for a visit), although the temperature in the highlands can fall as low as zero during these heats.

Couch Surfing is possible with some aliens and mainly in Yangon. But always keep in mind that visiting indigenous homes is legal - a rule that goes back to the days of Britain's colonies. Her best wager on low-cost Myanmar is with Air Asia directly from Bangkok, which only takes an hours and a half to Yangon.

When you would rather take the long coach trips than flying around the countryside, the most popular carriers are Bagan Air, Air Mandalay, Yangon Airways and Asian Wings Airways. 12: VISA: Although there are rumours that Myanmar will soon offer a Myanmar entry permit (currently only available for commercial visas), you as a traveler must obtain your permit from a Myanmar embassy before travelling.

Expressvisa can be issued in less than one days from the Embassy of Bangkok Myanmar and costs 1,250 BH. In Myanmar, once you have a valid residence permit, you cannot renew your travel permit. When you exceed your limit, the fine is $3 US$ per person per day plus a $3 US$ handling charge when you exit the United States. Do not try to exceed your minimum requirements, as this can lead to problems in places where you have to show your visum - e.g. in a hotel or train.

Now it is possible for travellers (not only for businessmen ) to get a visas on-line. Visit the Myanmar eVisa website here. Purchase a casserole from the Yangon Bogyoke Markt and grease the rind on your face at nights - it's a wonder healer with stains and stains!

Experience the diversity of our regional cuisine! Myanmar's informal lunch is Mohinga, a soup of sake with onion, cloves of onion, cloves of lemon grass, cloves of bananas and onion. Every region of Myanmar has its own culinary styles and specialties; don't miss the Shan rices and Burma butter!

tea, tea and more tea: Tasty creme yummy tea, best served on a wooden table in a dusky, busy alley with the local people (trust us!) is a Myanmar culture event not to be missed. Although Myanmar is open to tourism and has seen an enormous growth in backpacker and travellers in the last six month (the New Your Times ranked Myanmar as the world's third largest destination in 2012), there are still few and far away, especially from the main resorts of Inle Lake, Bagan, Mandalay and Yangon.

Before the visit, all backpacker tourists must be conscious of recent changes in the Myanmar policy and of the fact that the nation is now beginning to open up to foreigners," BE A RESPONSIBLE FORTURISTS. As everywhere you go, you are sensible to indigenous cultures and traditions, take your waste into nature and, as they say, just walk away with the feet.

Myanmar, like Thailand, is a buddhistic land, so make sure you take off your shoes at your temple, put on your shoulder, wear modest clothes and show the monks and nuns due regard. LODGING: Although it is far from the standards of Thailand, you will find that Myanmar is much more affordable than you might have anticipated.

The dormitories do not (yet) exist, and especially in Yangon there are ancient China styled hostels. W WHERE TO VISITE? The majority of travellers adhere to the Big Four (Yangon, Mandalay, Inle Lake and Bagan), as many areas (until recently) were forbidden for touristfull. View our travel brochure for Yangon here.

Read more about it soon in our Myanmar Guide! phones / sim cards: Tonsists can buy SIM tickets in malls for 50,000 kyat (about $65 USD). Get the Pocket Guide'In-Sight Yangon' when you get there!

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