What to take to Myanmar

Things to take with you to Myanmar

I' m pretty sure there are no tampons in Myanmar. The pads were not very easy to find. When you forgot to bring your own, buy a Longyi in Myanmar, it is your own version of a sarong. Very few foreign tourists are victims of crime in Myanmar, possibly because the penalties for the theft of tourists are high. Which kind of currency should you bring to Myanmar (Burma)?

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We' ll travel to Indonesia (snorkeling in Raja Ampat) as well as to Myanmar (bird watching). Because of the limitations on weights and sizes on several trips (e.g. 7 kg hand baggage per person, 20 kg hold baggage per person), we must be very cautious.

Approximately 200,000 IDR in liquid funds for Indonesia's round-trip charges. 4 Portrait p/p. to be handed in at the residence, with which the enrolment and a Surat Jalan (travel authorization for the West Papua area) are organized free of cost on your name. IDR 1'000'000 p/p in bar for Marine Park day fees for delivery at the residence and for you.

Enough US dollar currency for all our stay in Myanmar. Get brand-new $100 notes for trade. Please be sure to take small notes with you.

Myanmar Women's Wallet (aka a precautionary story with tips)

The Whitney Warstler has a small pack and tour guidebook for travellers travelling to Myanmar. Here you will find all packaging entries. Myanmar. Things that make Myanmar compelling for travellers like me are also the things that make it hard to be there. As a woman who strongly depends on Google, kayak and hotel, Myanmar has mastered her challenge.

Itineraries: Our itineraries: Twenty-eight nights I wanted to stay in Myanmar. Both my fellow traveler and I were bringing $1200 and thought that would be a lot of dough, especially considering we were splitting up. Several of the places we wanted to go were bans on aliens and we ran out of currency much faster than we had anticipated.

Whitney ultralight equipment for Myanmar. Most of the hotel did not have a mosquitonet and treats to put up. If you are travelling somewhere in Southeast Asia, you should have these. Burma is a particularly hot place. Lodging: It'?s hard to find a place to stay. Since there is no on-line system or a way to prepay, often no one keeps their reservations.

Burma is not able to cope with the tourism growth. Many of the locals I spoke to couldn't find shelter and had to afford to stay at the monastery. You said there were 20-30 other peole (unconditioned and dividing a toilet). I was talking to two different guys who did, too.

In the past I used to raise my noses to big groups of travellers, but frankly, after I went to Myanmar and had such fights with lodging and reservations, I see the attraction. I have no regret and would advise anyone interested to take the leap.

He enjoys exploring and taking photographs. They share some of their website's trip tips: Leaving Yangon on a 5- to 6-hour trip that will take you to the pottery craftsmen of Twante and the Shwesandaw Pagoda and give you an impression of the countryside of Myanmar. Accompanied by an experienced driver, take the boat out of town and drive along the Twante Canal.

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