What to take to Burma

Things to take to Burma

For various reasons, a small and bright torch is an indispensable piece of Myanmar luggage. Take plenty of insect repellent with you. Insect repellent is particularly necessary in and around Lake Inle and the Irrawaddy River. Re-apply it daily according to the instructions. As Myanmar is a high-risk country for malaria, it is best to protect and relax.

Which you should take to Myanmar: Myanmar Packaging Essents!

Your ticket is ready, your itinerary has been set and it's departure for Myanmar! And then comes the dilemma: What is a good idea to travel to Myanmar? After we recently came back from our adventures in the land, we found out what you need to take with you on a journey to Myanmar.

Here is our packaging guidebook with an overview of what you need for the ideal Myanmar holiday! More Myanmar related information can be found in our other great Myanmar posts: a summary of our journey, our general Myanmar planing and visit hints here and our Bagan Guidebook here. Beetles are abundant in Myanmar and we have used DEET abundantly.

Afternoons were the hardest, as the sundowns in Inle Lake and at the U-leg Pedestrian Footbridge, along with the post-sunset Bagan, were particularly poor for the mosquito. Burma is full of shrines and couples that impose a well adhered upholstery. For various reason a small and light flashlight is an indispensable part of Myanmar's baggage.

Second, the sanctuaries and terraces where you are sure to be spending your sun rises in Bagan (see our best sun rises here) and sunsets (see our best sunsets here) are full of black staircases. Burma is warm, heated, hot, heated, with extremes of temperature and hazardous ultraviolet values. Hats are great for the long and bright Bagan holidays when you explore the temple.

Burma and Myanmar spend the day ascending the temple, touch the floor and running through ape shit. Nowhere in Myanmar did I find shampoos for purchase. Wrap them up when you need them. Some Myanmar activity still requires US dollar. There was no choice but to use them to pay for the Bagan - Mandalay boats and some personal vehicles we had rented for sight-seeing on the way.

If you want more financial advice, take a look at our Myanmar advice here. At best, your connection to the web is transient and usually not available in Myanmar, so it's best to think you won't have one! If you are not there, a guide is indispensable for planning the coming day. It is either that or you must make a detailed travel planning before leaving home.

The Insight Guides guide was used for Myanmar and it turned out to be inestimable. It was found that a 2-point connector was the most frequent power socket in Myanmar's hotel. You can order a trip adaptor like this from Amazon, which covers all your trips, or collect it from the Aiport.

Usually we provide a base kit with the necessities (like this first aid kit from Amazon) and supplement it with all the medication we need on our trip. The times are over when you had to go to an Myanmar foreign mission to get a entry permit. It took us only a few working hours from the application until we received our visas.

It' for up to 28 nights and cost US $50. Off-line charts are unbelievably useful for navigation in Myanmar during your trips. When we were in the towns we used ours to hunt temples in Bagan and show cabbies where we should go if they were not sure where to go.

Ideal for keeping telephones and replacement battery packs on daily excursions, especially at the powdery Bagan-Tempelevel! More Myanmar related information can be found in our other great Myanmar posts: a summary of our journey can be found here, our general Myanmar tour and tour plan here and our Bagan guides here.

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