What to see in Yangon Myanmar

Things to see in Yangon Myanmar

Asia, Myanmar is back on the tourist map after decades of isolation. Myanmar's largest city with a mixture of colonial architecture, modern skyscrapers, glittering Buddhist pagodas and many sights. Yangon is located in southern Myanmar and is relatively warm all year round. A number of prominent Myanmar citizens are buried near Shwedagon Paya. I know there's a lot more to learn.

Twelve interesting things to do in Yangon (2 days route under $20)

A lot of folks say to see the Shwedagon Pagoda and then to one of the other high points of the land like Bagan or Inle Lake. This glittering shedagon is undoubtedly the gem of the town, but driving down the street before giving the other sights of the town a shiny opportunity is a real stigma.

Even if you have something to do for several nights, we think a two day visit is enough to see most of the main attractions. Getting to Yangon is easy, as there are cabs everywhere and they are very cheap. Indeed, if you cannot run between the attractions, a cab trip to another part of the city should not be more than a few bucks, which means that you can quickly and cheaply get a great deal of land covered.

Those are the things we did in Yangon in two working nights without feel overtaxed or rash. All entrance fee was only 26,800 Kyat - that's about $19.50 per one! Have a look at the movie to get an impression of Yangon, and then read this article for all the detail.

Undoubtedly the Shwedagon Pagoda is a spectacle in itself. According to tradition, there has been a mock-up on this site for about 2,600 years, since two merchants, Tapussa and Ballika, apparently encountered the Buddha and received eight of his hair s to bring them back to Myanmar, which are said to be anchored here to this date.

Over the years, the present layout of the building dates back to 1700 and has been renovated several times during attacks and seismic events. You' ll see planet poles or "corners" with weekdays. Before sundown is the best moment to enjoy the sunrise as well as its drastic change from light of sunrise to light of newcastle.

If you are not a great Templar or think that you have seen enough in the whole land, believe us when we say that there is no other pitcher like this one. 8,000k or US$8 (in view of the actual conversion it is less expensive to be paid in kyats). Notice: If you want to take the escalator barefooted, as we did in the movie, please take the West Entrance.

From" Elefantenbrunnen" (picture below) go up to the Pagode, crossing the street and it is the first door. Although not as big as the Shwedagon, this more humble gold shagoda is still one of the most famous and famous in town.

Sule Pagode is impressively 2,000 years old, but perhaps the most interesting thing about it is its location at a roundabout, where you can enjoy a calm bag full of reflections and loneliness, while automobiles and busses buzz around it in a permanent acoustical chakophony. There is a 3,000 Kiev or US$3 overseas tourism tax, plus 500 Kiev footwear tax (it is again less expensive to buy in Kyat).

It is also perfectly situated for the view of the Shwedagon Pagoda on the other side of the road. Here you take a brief walk on the way to Shwedagon for sundown. Three hundred Kyat. At the east end of the lagoon you will undoubtedly see the artistic swimmer in the waters. In order to enter this area, a foreigner must purchase an entry charge of 300k yat (20 cents) plus 500k yats (35 cents) for the photo permit.

There are a number of cafés by the lake in this area (we used to love Chin Ngan Sat), but perhaps the best excuse to go into this paying area is to take pictures of the reflections of the Shwedagon pagoda on the sundown. Name after the pro-democracy guide General Aung San, this is the place to buy Yangon memorabilia, especially if you are hunting for a lunggyi (a traditionally dressed dress that men and woman wear).

This is recommended for wearing convenience, but keep in mind that it can take up to a few working nights according to what you want to do and the number of items. However, a basic longgyi - only hem and waist - can usually be done on site and for only about 1,000-1,500 Kyat (about 1 US$).

Though the' I Heart Yangon' label on the new page provides a funny image. In this former palace, which has become a permanent exhibition, you can find out more about the Burmese General Aung San, the creator of what is now Burma, and his attempts to ensure Myanmar's independence from the occupying forces of Japan and Britain. 5,000 Kyat (about 3.60 US$).

When you leave the tram, get off at'Myittanyunt' and take a brief cab from there. When you need a little sight-seeing stop, we suggest Café 20, right opposite the entry to the sanctuary, for its delicious smoothie. In the end we made a big round looking for the door.

Admission fees for foreign nationals are 5,000 Kyat (approx. 3.60 US$) and it should be noted that pockets and camcorders are not permitted. If you want to take it to the Royal Lion Chronicle, it is situated on the groundfloor, not far from the door. To get off on the sea, you can take a boat from Pansodan Jetty over the Yangon River to Dalla (also known as Dallah or Dala).

It is a brief drive - less than 10 mins - but it allows you to enjoy a sense of being transported locally and feeling the breeze in your head when you look at Yangon from a different view. The cost of a foreigner returning fare is 4,000 Kyat (about 3 dollars). There is a bottled supply of bottled waters that may soothe the tourist because they have to spend much more than the people.

Yangon CityCircularTrain makes a 3 hours long slower circuit around the city. This was an absolute must during our visit to Yangon, and we can say that it is definitely rewarding to take it with you, even if you have already seen some of the locomotives on your journey. If you are traveling between the towns, you will certainly have the opportunity to see the natives and get a foretaste of the railway scene, but also the travelers of these carriages go somewhere else, which has a very different atmosphere than the circuit in which the inhabitants spend their daily time.

Whilst most travellers travel all the way from Yangon Central Station and back as a sight-seeing tour, many local residents travel only shorter journeys to get from A to A, which means that your coachmates keep changing throughout the voyage, from those who go to work, college, to hawkers and peasants, to just for fun driving them.

Besides, the whole trip is only 200 kyat. That'?s about 15 cent! Need a Myanmar Visas? Myanmar visas can now be applied for on-line. Learn how to get a Myanmar eVisa for tourism. Were you in Yangon, Myanmar? Which was your favorite thing?

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