What to see in Yangon

Things to see in Yangon

Montgalarbar Balloon opened after my visit, unfortunately, but it gets great reviews on TripAdvisor. Have a look at our ultimate list of recommendations on what you can see and do. To find out what you can do and see in Yangon, read this list. Those were things I was going to. Find hotels and more in Yangon.

Yangon's Top 5 Sights

Yangon, the former capitol and Myanmar's biggest town, entices with magnificent mountain peaks, luxuriant verdant gardens, lively marketplaces and tasty cuisine. We recommend the five most important places of interest in Yangon among the various touristic and sightseeing points of the town. As Yangon's gem and the proud of the Myanmar tribe, the Yangon sightseeing tour always puts the pit stop at the top of the world.

Situated at the 99 metre high central stadium, the Shwedagon is visible from every nook and cranny of the town. It' s astonishing that it is shrouded in 30 tonnes of solid golden and thousand of precious stones and beads. Nobody can tell exactly how old the cloak is.

The locals thought it was more than 2,600 years old, while researchers estimated that it was constructed 1,000-1,500 years ago. It is the holiest sanctuary in Myanmar and is said to contain four holy Buddhist gems, such as the tribe of Kakusandha Buddha, the Kakusandha Buddha, the fountain and a handkerchief of Kassapa Buddha, eight heads of Sakyamuni Buddha.

At least two good reason to add the Chaukhtatgyi Buddha to the top 5 of Yangon. First, it is the most famous buddhistic sanctuary in Bahan Township, Yangon, and second, you don't have to spend a single charge to see it, which is common to most Myanmar's touristic and sightseeing sites.

One of Myanmar's holiest and greatest Buddha pictures, the lying Buddha is known for. It is 66 metres long, its top is adorned with diamond and other precious stones and the legs are inscribed with the Buddha's heraldry.

There' s plenty of room around the lying Buddha, where many folks have lunches with their families. If you want to talk to friendly natives and better understanding their Myanmar journey spiritually, join them. But even if you have no plans to buy anything, the supermarket is absolutely worthy of inclusion in the top 5 sights in Yangon.

Indeed, a trip to the fair is a great way to see the most characteristic handicrafts of Myanmar, such as Chinese and Naga tribal fabrics, Mandalay woodcarvings and Bagan lacquered goods, and Myanmar people's crafts. There are also some foreign exchange stores where you can exchange US dollar for Myanmar Kyats at good prices on the southern side of the city.

For gourmets, take your Yangon trip to Chinatown. It is one of the liveliest and most exciting places in the capital, especially in the evenings, when grocers appear on the roadsides and supply you with everything from convenience meals to the freshest products.

Kheng Hock Keong Temple, Sule Pagoda and the night fair on Maha Bandula Street are all within the city limits of China, so you can take a full days out. Kandawgyi Park is a very particular sight in Yangon, as it is completely opposite to the businesses and events of the others.

Upstairs are the top five things to see in Yangon. You can also see a variety of other places such as Sule Pagoda, Botataung Pagoda, Myanmar National Museum and Myanmar Zoo. The only question is how much you can invest in researching Yangon on your Burma trips.

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