What to see in Rangoon

Things to see in Rangoon

See Rangoon (Disambiguation) for other applications. Lovely golden domes & surrounding Buddhas. The rain was gentle and contributed to the festivity and beauty. Which are some of your favorite activities in Yangon, Myanmar? Formerly known as Rangoon, it is the largest city in Myanmar and booming.

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Sights in Yangon, Myanmar: 10 Sightseeings

Yangon also has a 1970s sub-culture of punks and ardent young performers who speak out after centuries of oppression. Now Aung San Suu Kyi is the democracy chief, and the land has opened its gates.

Airline companies such as HK Express have also started frequent short-haul flights from Hong Kong to Yangon. An immense gold temples dominate the Yangon skin. It is Shwedagon, the biggest stupa in the land and a holy place for Buddhists around the world. It' not possible not to laugh when you walk past young Buddhistic kids singing.

The Kalaywa Monastery, about 20 minutes by car from the center of Yangon, is recommended for a more private view of Buddhism. Thousands of friars and monastics line up and cross a feeding post run by voluntary workers. You will be served warm meals, vegetable meals and fruits in their metallic shells.

Volunteer work together to cook and service meals in a friendly atmosphere. It' nice to see the Sule Pagoda, a shimmering gold cupola in the centre of Yangon's city centre. This was the focus of policy rallies during the period of armed power, which included the 1988 uprising and the 2007 saffron revolution.

Today Sule is a tranquil buddhistic sanctuary where townspeople can contemplate and make sacrifices. In the ParkRoyal Hotel Yangon I liked the charms of the place where I spent the night. I had a room decorated with Myanmar arts, and I heard folk songs in the foyer. I was looking forward to having Burma's nationwide meal, called " Moinga ", at the Burma Islands multinational breakfast cafe.

We were close to all of Yangon's main sights, which included the Bogyoke Market and the Pagoda Islands. You will find Myanmar antiquities, jewellery, clothing, arts and crafts and more. Now, free from militaristic censure, Myanmar performers are unfolding their wing. Panjodan is a hospitable place where regional artist can present their work to a global audience.

They range from aspiring to older master craftsmen working in different media and genres. I' ve also been touring the River Galerie, which shows the works of Myanmar's contemporaries. In the Myanmar Deitta Galery there was a multi-media presentation of histories from all over the land, as well as the areas of war. With the Circular Rail you can see different parts of Yangon and gain an insight into everyday use.

It was a surprise to see a tough, subterranean indie pop group in Yangon. Kyaw Kyaw, vocalist of the Rebel Riot group, and he asked me to perform with his group on Human Rights Day. If he doesn't rocks harshly on stages, Kyaw Kyaw operates two non-profit organizations. Its charitable organizationooks Not Bombs supports the upbringing of young people, especially in areas of conflicts and the countryside.

Each Monday evening, his organisation will buy groceries and distribute them to the poor and poor in Yangon. Expatriates and hipster meet in the Yangonreen Gallery, a Thai Bo's nice place. Our menus focus on fresh, healthful and soothing cuisine. First of all I began with the aromatic Salat and was amazed by their bread and the lush curry.

At the Rangoon Tea House, one of the best valued places in town, I organised a meeting of Goths and Punks. It is a tribute to Rangoon's past when merchants from different lands mixed with local people and colonists. I and my buddies had every bit of Indian-inspired food, Myanmar's "no touch cauk" chickens and pasta in chocolate stock, savoury muslinga and Asian cakes.

The Yangon is an inspirational, varied and unexpected traveler.

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