What to see in Myanmar

Things to see in Myanmar

The former capital makes a. - Burma (Myanmar) specialist, Alex, gives his recommendations on what to see and do in the country Audley's first destination was. Design your trip Myanmar has been working diligently to take its place on the global scene since its opening to the outside world in 2012, after many years of war. But also travellers enchanted by Myanmar's rich culture, such as the disintegrating beauties of Yangon, the temple-laden lands of Bagan, the old capitol of Mandalay and the Inle Lake waters.

Travellers need to be a little adventure-loving to get the most out of a journey. It is best to discover them with a tour leader who can connect the busy town, exploring such important sights as the giant Shwedagon Pagoda, visit the nearby market, Chinatown and Little India quarters or invite a Palmtree Readers to a lecture at your Myanmar hotels (Numerology and palmology are vast in Myanmar).

Bagan's temple-laden farmlands are an absolutely must for any journey to Myanmar. A must: an extensive sunrising and setting cruise through the churches; a balloon ride over the churches in the early hours of the day; a stop in a small town; and an exploration of some of Bagan's enchanting market towns with wood carvings, cloth, longyis and wicker.

Or you can go to a paint shop where you can see how Myanmar's illustrious products are made. Many people call Inle Lake the ultimate climax of a journey to Myanmar. If you travel with a leader, you will see nearby towns, convents and important places of worship such as the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, the most sacred place of worship in South Shan State.

Visiting Myanmar

We will take you to the north of Lashio, the state of Shaan, on this #TravelTuesday. Though the city itself has not much to do, it is an interesting place for the vitality of its market and the fact that there are so few other people touring. There is a coach or low speed railway running through the stunning Goteik viaduct to Lashio, immersed in hills, secret falls and ethnical citadels.

During the cold morning hours of the morning, folks walk around in pullovers and caps - a rarity in this mostly scorching area. The state of Myanma.....

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