What to see in Burma

Things to see in Burma

A day trip from Lake Inle. "Rudyard Kipling could not have described Myanmar (formerly Burma) more precisely. Myanmar, the largest, most diverse and least known country in Southeast Asia, is back on the tourist map after decades of isolation. Explore a Burmese cat sanctuary built on stilts in the middle of Inle Lake. There is so much to see and do in Burma, from golden temples to unique cultures and spectacular landscapes.

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Burma is a mad, cold, eclectic battle of all lands around him. No one travels through Myanmar right now, so get it BEFORE it's overheated! Myanmar, with so much internationalization in the rest of the globe, is truly a jewel in its own right. When you do one thing in Myanmar, make it a Trek!

Lake Inle is by far the most loved for a good cause, we have all you need to know about it! Breathtaking hike through the Teeh├╝gel and Hsipaw hill and village mountains. When you are spoiled for choices, take a look at'Where are the best walks in Myanmar?

As you may already know, I'm a teapot enthusiast when I learned that the Myanmarese put teas in their meals, I was very upset. It' not quite what you can ask for, but it is a very rewarding meal; don't go out of Myanmar without trying it!

If, like me, you DOVE eating, you will want to be defiant to find out a Mouthful of Myanmar! The Zwegabin mountain is so much more than just a hike! In order to experience the detail and make this experience your own real life, look under'Why Zwegabin Mountain is a dream trip' to Mandalay if you are fond of gold stupas, imposing castles and cloisters.

An especially nice adventure around Mandalay is to observe the sunrise or sunset over the legendary U Bein Bridge. See'How to get to U Bein Bridge' for hints on how to get there and what to look out for. When you don't feel like doing it with the bike, then take a look at the'things around Hpa An', it's quite cool!

Burma may be famous for its beers, but I wasn't expecting good win! Well, I'm not an expert, but the vines were good and the reds sticked to the glasses, which I think is quite good in the vine age! In order to find out how to get there and what it will cost (you will be amazed!), take a look at'Things around Lake Inle'.

To get the most out of Myanmar, the ultimative TOP TIP is to get up early! Burma is magic in the mornings. The local people are rising with the sundown. While the rooster crow and kids get up and are playing, the village people get clothed and bring their sacrifices to the convents before they turn into their tea-picking clothing for the workday.

I' ve wrote all about it HERE, so that you can see if you want to walk through the recently created area. Some of the best ones are embedded not only around Hpa An but also around Lake Inle.

It has made it onto the general tick-list of many for Myanmar, so we should not miss it. There are many who say it's more about hiking than about the boulders, and since it's not every land that has a huge, precarious, gold collar, you should look at it.

Burma is one of the few countries where the men wear skirts. You' ll find that the vast majority of Myanmar's natives wear a cream or cream color. It is not only beautiful, but also has many useful characteristics. Native people are chewing a porridge filled with betel nut and serving it in a paan-sheet.

Oooh and remember, Myanmar has wonderful unspoiled sands. But the most picturesque are in the southern part of the Mergui Archipelago, which has over 800 isles to discover! New to Myanmar? Burma is undergoing rapid change, so current blogging (like this, ahem!) will be a great one.

However, if this is your first visit to Myanmar, you will probably want to take a tour guidebook with you. You have a fairly inexpensive copy and the real copy. Have a look at our blog at the small pension that you can find on the itinerary for each place: if you would rather organize yourself and make all your bookings in advanced, this should be very helpful:

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