What to see and do in Yangon

Things to see and do in Yangon

The spirits of the past linger everywhere. His golden stupa can be seen almost everywhere in the city. In Yangon there is surprisingly much to see. Immerse yourself in history with a private guided tour of Bago, the former capital of the Kingdom of Mon. This is a unique Yangon experience, this trip will probably be a highlight of every visit to the city.

Top 10 Sights in Yangon, Myanmar

It is a historical cosmopolitan town that is dramatically different from the rest but still has much of what makes travelling in Myanmar adventuresome and enchanting.... These are the top 10 things to see and do during a visit to Yangon. Yangon's circular line meanders through the town and is an excellent opportunity for visitors to see Yangon and its surroundings more authentically.

There are different train services from morning to night, usually departing from platforms six or seven at Yangon Central Station. Yangon's People's Park has something for everyone. One of the biggest and best maintained parks in the town, People's Park offers comfortable floral parks, wells, lakes and itineraries.

Shady areas offer great places for picnics; you can also dine in one of the many cafés or bars in and around the area. Yangon Gallery, theme playgrounds, events and the Myanmar Culture Valley retail centre are also nearby. Lake Kandawgyi and the nearby gardens are another must in Yangon.

Stroll along the promenade to enjoy a quiet view of the beautiful Karaweik Palace. There are a number of other restaurants, cafés and pubs near this swimming regal restaurants - some very near the waters. Lake Inya is a favourite place for townspeople to get some breath of the city air, do some sports, enjoy a scenic sail down from the sun or just relax together in a quieter area.

In the truest sense of the word a secret treasury, the not so deserted Nagar Glass Factory in Yangon is covered with wonderful handmade glass goods. There' s not much else to do in this handmade store on Seventeenth Street in Downtown Yangon than to see the look and atmosphere of the place. Take a picture of this gorgeous gravelly corner of town and then buy a few handfuls of handmade fruit to help the longstanding deal.

The Yangon Yangon Roof Bars are located at the top of the Sakura Tower near Yangon's ever-expanding downtown area and offer some of the best panorama sights of the town. The Sky Bistro on the twentieth level provides some of the same breathtaking vistas of Yangon in a dining room. Yangonites and aliens visit both places equally.

Often Yangon Yangon organizes extraordinary occasions. Nineteenth- and thirteenth- block gives guests a glimpse of the Yangon vibrant nocturnal life, as well as a kitchen and fair. Situated in the Chinatown area of Yangon, this busy road is full of a series of shops, shabby pubs and states. Visit the Kosan Cafe for a cheap drink and merge evening or take a few beers overlooking all the excitement at any number of nineteenth-century alehouses.

Walk the alleys of Downtown Yangon to see some noteworthy colorful rural monuments and worship in various stages of deterioration and splendour. Nearly everywhere in Yangon it is like a lively scenery that is perfect for a snap-shot of Myanmar's civilization and way of being. You will find many cabs and transits that will help you find your way around Yangon, but try a trimshaw for a more intimate experience with the town.

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