What to see and do in Burma

Things to see and do in Burma

What to do and what not to do in Myanmar? All countries have their own cultures and their own set of shared cultural and ethical standards. However, when a foreigner comes to the countryside in the shape of a tourists, it is a ethical obligation to adhere to one's own cultures and valuables until one roams the countryside as a visitor. Etiquette teaches you to esteem the cultural value and identity of another nation so that someone respects the cultural identity of your nation when he or she is visiting your state.

Every time you come, even the legend, the politician and the leader come into the cultural life and value of the state. You should be a well educated visitor who is respectful of Myanmar's cultural heritage and heritage. As Myanmar is a land of civilizations and shared value, they have certain qualities that all humans share, so when you go to Myanmar for your next journey, you must go along the Do's and Don'ts to enjoy a "well-behaved" holiday in Myanmar.

Mingalaba is a kind of welcome when you see or say good-bye to someone who is in Myanmar or Burma. Even if you mention a woman's name, use "Daw" before the name and "U" in the case of a man. Myanmar people are wearing old-fashioned clothes like Longyi and they are very aware about the gown, so your wardrobe should be clean, beautifully clad and long instead of pants, or shorts.

Burma is a land of pagodas and monasteries where you will find masterpieces of arts and statues and also some religious who practice martial arts and monasticism, at this period, you need to ask for the photo of the instant either you are gathering the statue, architectural or marvel. It is a way that you respect and do not disturb the meditating person.

Wherever you speak to your fellow traveler or to a local person in general or to a guided tour, your vote must be easy and in a respectful way, be it an older or a young one. Myanmar people are so cute and quiet about conversations and voices, so remember.

Myanmar is a land of festival that is hard to see in other lands, and Burmese is good to have tourists attending their festival, in this case participating in a festival and enjoying their stay in Burma. Remember not to do anything that could damage the reputation and grandeur of Buddha in Myanmar.

Myanmar worshippers adore Buddha as their master, so don't try to be disrespectful either deliberately or inadvertently. In Myanmar, there are several off-limits areas where ordinary citizens do not have access. Therefore, do not enter protected areas. Though this is not funny in Myanmar, it is a general label not to make fun of a woman either or not.

So, if you go to Myanmar with such an intent, then you are changing your intent greatly. Don't walk into the temple and palaces with your boots or footgear, this is unacceptable or can injure the Burmese people. You will find several meditating or concentrating friars in Myanmar. Myanmar has a collection of works of art and sculptures that you can take home with you.

Don't destroy Myanmar's fine architectural design by dusting it. Don't make or disperse dirt by dropping empty jars of soda pop or groceries here and there on Myanmar's couches, churches or other places of interest.

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