What to do in Yangon Myanmar

Things to do in Yangon Myanmar

Enjoy Myanmar's local cuisine. Have a break in the Kandawgi Nature Park. The Yangon Central Railway Station is located in the center of Yangon and is the largest station in Myanmar. During my stay I was sick and the staff took care of me. The Sule Pagoda is located in the center of Yangon.

Leading 8 activities in Yangon, Myanmar

Getting to Yangon can be quite messy, although it is one of my favourite towns full of charms and astonishing adventures. I' ve compiled this checklist to help you with your stay in Yangon. You will certainly be spoilt for choices about what to do in Yangon, from going to the most attractive of temples to discovering a completely different side of the world.

Burma looks so nice! This meal looks so delicious! I' d like to go to Myanmar one of these days. I' ve wanted to come to Myanmar for some time and that makes me even more enthusiastic. I' d been told that the meals of my visiting mates were not good, but those pasta looked right on my door!

Oh, how lovely are the pagodas? This road meal also seems astonishing..... $1.50 for a dish of pasta fits in my eighteenth. in case I ever come to Myanmar. Burma looks like a fun place to be. I' ve traveled a great deal in SEA, but I've never made it to Myanmar, but it's on my docket.

I' m thinking of attending Myanmar during a culture show at my college, and it looks like a great place to visit. And I appreciate you using it as one of your tasks, "Eat That looks fantastic! I' ve never thought about going to Myanmar, but it looks like such an interesting place.

I can' t get over the low costs of the Yangon Circle Train! I' ve had a girlfriend who came home early a few years ago in Yangon, who came home because she detested it, undoubtedly a cultural blast, but it's interesting how a person's experience can and should keep you away from being there... it's clearly a place with a lot to do!

Those photos of Myanmar are definitely on my mailing lists! This is your 20 year old New Zealand citizen, trying to go beyond the standard and not lead such a traditional lifestyle.

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